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Haval H6 2021.

Haval H6 2021.

Haval H6 2021.

Haval H6 2021: urban crossover version tailored to the European market.
The Chinese concern Great Wall continued the lineup of popular branded models with an upgrade of the urban crossover — Haval H6 2021.

The result of the designers’ work was a stylish car with good body aerodynamics, cabin comfort nominal for its class, optimal traction, speed, running and operational characteristics of the component motor range.

According to the conclusion of the participants in the first presentation, the Hawal, which received a productive restyling of the 2021 model, in the status of a global model, can successfully represent the brand’s products in the global automotive market.


In terms of construction and design, the new model demonstrates recognizable technical and layout solutions copied from famous European counterparts. In sight:

Haval H6 2021.

• a moderate difference in the slopes of the windshield and the embossed bonnet falling to the silver radiator grille;

• wedge-shaped form of multifunctional front optics with xenon or LED fittings;

• Pentagonal side diffusers equipped with fog lights and a compact format of the lower air duct for ventilation of the engine compartment.

A small-sized metal-plastic body kit completes the layout of the front end. As a facade decoration, there are details of the wave relief and chrome-plated perimeters of the main structural elements of the front end.

In numerous photos in the most expressive profile projection, the updated Haval H6 2021 in many respects looks worthy in all respects. The assets of the novelty are a combination of a colored paintwork bodywork with silver rails and glossy black pillars of three-piece side glazing.

In a bright and dynamic style, oval mirrors supplemented with turn signals, door handles recessed into the body, spacious contours of doorways, as well as wave and stepped body reliefs presented in a small amount, are decorated in a bright and dynamic style.

Haval H6 2021.

The design features of the sidewalls include a protective and decorative sill strip and a five-leaf design of off-road wheels. The crossover status of the new car is confirmed by short curly body kits, high ground clearance and the presence of a plastic skirt on the lower perimeter of the body.

Aft design is typical. In stock:

• the traditional tandem of a massive spoiler and a tilting rear window;

• compact format, supplemented by internal segments of lamps, a platform for a registration plate and chrome nameplates of a relief tailgate;

• a massive plastic body kit equipped with strips of fog lamps and a curly protective panel with an exhaust pipe integrated into the right sidewall.


The interior of the five-seater cabin is characterized by practicality, functionality and ergonomic layout of standard and special equipment. In particular, the properties of onboard electronic equipment and active safety systems have been expanded.

In terms of the composition and efficiency of electronic equipment, Hawal N6 2021 is identical to the models of the European range of the same type in terms of cost and purpose.

Haval H6 2021.

Already in the basic version, the novelty will receive a multifunctional sports-type steering wheel with high-class characteristics of a multimedia complex, parking sensors and a camera for monitoring blind spots.

The range of finishing materials includes several types of beautiful and durable fabrics, durable plastic, artificial or top-end natural leather.

The test drive confirmed the high quality of the installation of the interior, the effectiveness of the soundproofing of the cabin, as well as easy access to the elements for activating standard options.

The front panel includes:

• digital dashboard with a bright and informative on-board computer monitor;

• a four-tier center console with ventilation deflectors, a media command display, a cabin microclimate control panel and a transmission selector;

• Small-sized tunnel provides easy access to the parking brake handle, several command buttons, two cup holders and organizers useful for long journeys.

The list of service functions of the front seats: lateral support and lumbar supports, individual armrests for each seat, several types of operational adjustments, cooling and heating systems.

Haval H6 2021.

The rear three-seater sofa offers the function of reclining the backrest and converting the center seat into a folding armrest with integrated cup holders.

Transportation of oversized monoblock cargo is realized by a twofold increase in the volume of the 808-liter luggage compartment due to the partial dismantling of the rear seats.


The new body demonstrates external dimensions in the ratios of 4640 x 1825 and 1690, the length of the center-to-center base is 2680 mm and the ground clearance is 185 mm.

The chassis includes a combination of independent strut-mounted MacPherson and torsion bar axles, a transmission adapted to front or all-wheel drive, disc brakes and increased efficiency of road safety systems.

As a power unit for the basic version, a tandem of an in-line diesel turbocharged «four» with an output of 143 hp / 310 Nm and a 6-speed manual or automated gearbox is announced.

The upper limit of the maximum speed is 180 km / h, the consumption of heavy fuel in mixed mode is up to 7.6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Options and prices

The lineup will be supplemented with several modifications. Depending on the composition and functionality of special options, the price of a new generation crossover will vary in the range of 1.2-1.4 million rubles.

Competing models

The new Hawal H6 2021 model year is aimed at full-fledged competition with new versions of popular models: KIA Sportage, Nissan X-Trail, SKODA Karoq, Suzuki SX4, Mitsubishi Outlander, Honda HR-V and Hyundai Tucson.

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