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Haval H8.

Haval H8.

Haval H8.

The first of them is considered a large crossover Haval H8, which is designed to fill a niche in the manufacturer’s range. In its layout the car is a classic crossover with frameless body and spacious cabin. Interior car trim is made at a high level for Chinese automakers, and is not inferior to Korean counterparts.


This Haval H8 — the car is quite large (with a length of 4806 mm), making it a very interesting proposal. In the Russian market for Haval H8 will be available only one power unit displacement of two liters and output of 280 hp, familiar from H9 models.


It will be combined with ZF automatic transmission with six production stages. And I must say that the car will be delivered to us in the performance of all-wheel drive, which is also sure to please potential buyers. However, there is a nuance that is able to fully «fail» sales model — its price.


At the time of the first information, it said that the car will be worth in the wake of the order of two million rubles crisis. Here it is not about the budget segment of the market time to speak, and the competition with premium offerings from leading companies!


Needless to say, that there is no competition Haval H8 with all its pros make is not able, and a similar pricing policy will end in failure. However, the peak of the crisis passed, and there is an option that the manufacturer will adjust the pricing is reasonable. In this case, Haval H8 can be an interesting proposition.

Video — specifications Haval H8 2016 crossover of the year:

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