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Haval H9 2020.

Haval H9 2020.

Haval H9 2020.

Haval H9 2020: a budget option for a comfortable all-terrain vehicle.
The Chinese auto industry does not cease to amaze with the quality and operational characteristics of its new products. For Great Wall Motors, 2019 marked itself as a successful presentation of the new version of the frame SUV — the Haval H9 2020.

The first restyling brought the novelty to the same level with prestigious analogues of European and Asian production. In the updated edition, the all-wheel drive flagship of the model range offers:

more aggressive body design;
increased volume of a comfortable lounge with a modern interior;
improved off-road performance.

Haval H9 2020.


Experts see in the appearance of the second-generation car an external resemblance to the Japanese model Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. To a large extent, the concept of the new version is expressed in the design of the frontage facade. In the photo in frontal view, the new model demonstrates:

moderate angle of inclination of the windshield and massive hood decorated with longitudinal reliefs;

trapezoidal format of a chrome radiator facing;
elegant configuration of blocks of sufficiently powerful xenon optics.

In the design of the bumper there are no typical for SUV parts of aggressive design. As standard, the body kit includes a small ventilation intake for the engine compartment cooling system and side cutouts for air diffusers with built-in oval fog lights.
The design of the front end performing protective and decorative functions curly metal plate.

Haval H9 2020.

Corporate identity features are visible in the design of the sidewalls. In sight: a slight tilt of the roof complemented by roof rails, a decorative silver frame of a large-format side glazing extended to the rear pillars, a spectacular combination of ribbed and wave body relief.

Attention is drawn to the off-road volume of high wheel arches and the simplified design of reinforced alloy wheels, as well as a decorative metal insert located in the threshold area.

In the design of the back of the case, the advantages of the crossover layout are used. In the list of design features:

combination of a spoiler peak and a small-format window;
vertical multifunctional position lights located on side racks;
a volumetric container with a full-size spare wheel placed on the outer plane of the door.

The compact body kit includes a fog lamp kit, a protective panel and an exhaust pipe brought to the area of ​​the rear right wing.

Haval H9 2020.


In relation to its predecessor, the hospitable interior of the new version in all respects looks more prestigious and elegant. This is facilitated by the premium quality of finishing and decorating materials, ergonomic layout of seats and components.

The sports-style steering wheel is supplemented by command button blocks, allowing the driver to activate a number of comfort-forming functions, without being distracted from controlling the traffic situation.

It should be noted that the number and functionality of on-board electronics Hawal N9 2020 is identical to similar models of European production.

The front panel offers a review of the combination of analogue direction indicators and a digital computer monitor of the instrument panel, as well as the layout of the central panel copied from Japanese prototypes.

The design consists of a large-format multimedia display located between the vertical deflectors and three analogue remotes with buttons for setting numerous standard and additional options.
Against a dark background, torpedo decorative polished metal inserts look advantageous.

The central tunnel equipment, typical for its class, consists of a platform with transmission and driving controls, as well as organizers and a refrigerator located under the wide armrest.

The level of comfort and safety of seats meets the recommendations of European standards. Service equipped with lateral support for the front seats offers several types of operational adjustments, seat heating and ventilation.

Similar service functions are available to three middle-row passengers. Two rear seats are equipped only with a heating system.
The high level of road comfort significantly affected the spaciousness of the 112-liter luggage compartment. The problem is solved by dismantling the middle and rear seats, with an increase in usable volume up to 750 and 1450 liters, respectively.

A test drive confirmed that the new body, with large dimensions and a wide opening of the luggage door, allows the transport of very bulky cargo.

Haval H9 2020.


In the updated version of the Haval H9 2020 frame SUV, the overall dimensions of the body are implemented in a ratio of 4 856 x 1 926 and 1 900 mm.

The chassis with an independent multi-link suspension and a clearance of 203 mm provides the car with excellent road stability due to an extended wheelbase of up to 2,800 mm.

The engine range offers two two-liter biturbo power units. In the gasoline version, the engine produces 245 hp / 350 Nm of peak traction. For a diesel engine, these figures are 190 hp / 450 Nm of torque.

The traction characteristics of both drives are effectively implemented by the eight-band automatic transmission ZF 8HP.

The dynamics of the first hundred dials fit into 12.4 s, the driver is given the opportunity to choose Auto, Eco or Sport mode.

Options and prices

In Russia, the new Hawal N9 2020 model year in the standard version can be purchased for about 2.3-2.4 million rubles. The price of the top version is 200 thousand higher.

Competing Models

The first five real competitors are represented by the same models: Jeep Grand Cherokee, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, Land Rover Discovery and Nissan Pathfinder.

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