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Hawal H2 2021.

Hawal H2 2021.

Hawal H2 2021.

Hawal H2 2021: a new version of the budget crossover from the Middle Kingdom.
The products of the Hawal automobile brand reasonably claim to be the leader. The current year 2020 has marked itself with the modernization of the compact crossover of the H2 series.

The new model under the Hawal H2 2021 trademark retained the features of a successful body design, restyling made significant changes to the cabin interior, as well as the operational characteristics of the power unit.

The crossover of the new generation in the SUV-compact body does not attract attention with bright decorative accents, the basis of the external appearance is solidity, functionality and a certain amount of presentability.


In the frontal view, the branded «two» model of 2021 is easily identified by the plastic sides of the windshield, functional reliefs of the inclined short hood, chrome plating of the massive perimeter and transverse sipes of the branded radiator lining. The structural and design features of the front end also include:

• multifunctional xenon optics of headlights supplemented with dotted lines of running lights;

• compact format of the ventilation air intake;

• integrated into the side wells round anti-fog lights.

Hawal H2 2021.

The arrangement is completed by a small-sized protective panel of a plastic body kit. The decoration uses the decorative properties of the brand symbols and dynamic stepped relief.

In the photo in profile projection, the new body discreetly demonstrates:

• gentle slope of the domed roof decorated with decorative rails;

• contrast ratio of silver frame and black wide pillars of window trim;

• chrome-plated bodies of massive rear-view mirrors equipped with turn signals.

The design of the sidewalls also contains elements of stepped relief, door handles painted in the color of the body and a plastic protective «skirt» encircling the lower perimeter of the body. The surroundings are complemented by a five-leaf pattern of 16-inch wheels.

The fodder of the new model range is designed in a typical crossover style. In the presence of a ribbed profile of the spoiler lip and an oval configuration of the rear window, a relief texture decorated with a decorative strip and silver nameplates for the tailgate.

Hawal H2 2021.

The shape of the protruding bumper, complemented by fog lights and a plastic body kit with two exhaust pipes, does not cause much emotion. According to experts, the absence of bright decorative accents on the body improves visual perception and makes business style details more expressive.


The budgetary status of the crossover corresponds to the nominal quality of the finishing range, which is partially compensated by the well-thought-out ergonomics of the interior, as well as additional features of the technical and electronic equipment.

The inner lugs of the multifunction steering wheel with two sets of command buttons provide comfortable grip on the rim from different positions. The upper sector, free from structural parts, provides a full overview of the analog-digital instrument panel, complete with large dials and an informative monitor of the on-board computer complex.

The front console combined in one block with the technical platform of the tunnel includes:

• set of ventilation horizontal deflectors;

• media command 8-inch display;

• a niche with ports for connecting digital gadgets.

Hawal H2 2021.

The comfortable and soft armrest also serves as a sealed cover for the built-in refrigerator compartment.
The front seats upholstered in fabric or kozhimite offer lateral support, a range of mechanical adjustments and a heated seat circuit.

Riders of the sofa, which is quite spacious and comfortable for long trips, are provided with the functions of a backrest tilt and a folding armrest with an integrated container for small luggage.

A simple re-equipment of the rear seats allows you to quickly increase the standard trunk volume from 300 to 890 liters. A full-size spare wheel and a set of on-board instruments are placed in the floor niche.


The outer dimensions of the new version of the crossover inherited from the predecessor in proportional ratios of 4335 x 1814 and 1695 mm correspond to the body standards of the SUV-compact class. The body structure is based on a front-wheel drive platform with a transverse engine.

The advantages of the chassis include the length of the center base of 2560 mm, the clearance height of 184 mm, fully independent MacPherson and multi-link axle suspension, the presence of transverse stabilizers and a set of road safety systems.

Also available are electric power steering and high-performance disc brakes.

Hawal H2 2021.

• The modification for the domestic market will receive an uncontested gasoline engine with parameters of 1.5 l / 150 hp / 210 Nm of peak torque.

• Traction and other performance characteristics of the motor are realized by a 6-speed manual transmission or its automatic 8-band analogue.

An independent test drive showed the dynamics of a set of the first «hundred parts» of 13.5 seconds, a maximum speed of 185 km / h and an average fuel consumption of 8.6 liters per hundred run.

Options and prices

The manufacturer announced the new Hawal H2 2021 model year in three versions. The preliminary price of a model with basic equipment starts at 0.95 million, and a top-end technically advanced and comfortable modification — from 1.2 million rubles.


The modernized Haval H2 2021 received a list of the most real rivals from its predecessor with significant additions.

Models of other brands of the same type and different in value apply for the status of competitors.
These are analogues of a class not lower than such models as the Mercedes-Benz GLC, Great Wall H6, Chery Tiggo 5, Nissan Terrano and Hyundai Creta.

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