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Honda Civic 2016.


Honda Civic 2016.

The best and most beautiful. Excellent balance of practicality and pleasure. The young samurai with a The best and most beautiful. Excellent balance of practicality and pleasure. The young samurai with a We are introducing the new Honda Civic 2016.

Jubilee, the tenth generation of the Japanese car Honda Civic surprised and charmed everyone. New, ever stylish, sporty and aggressive sedan, in fact, in its shape is more like a fastback body.

Front, Civic appearance became more formidable by the relief hood, new optics, which in combination with the side air intakes sports bumper and wide chrome grille, creating X-shaped appearance.

We should also pay attention to cluster LED lights inside the headlights and chrome on the «eyebrows» above the headlights. The Civic profile is quite difficult to learn, because it is more like the understated version of Honda Crosstour.

Rapid silhouette features large, lepestkoobraznye mirrors, dynamic wrinkles in the doors and futuristic 17-inch wheels.

Honda Civic — a rare case where the designers have worked not only on the front of the car, but also on its stern. Wide, hexagonal trunk with skoboobraznymi headlights and thin spoiler makes the car more visually wider.

The rear bumper is shaped pentagonal staples and supplemented with two tailpipes. It should be noted that the novelty was 73 mm long, 45 mm wider and lower than 20 mm.

Thus, being 4630 mm in length Civic is now moved from class C to class D.


The rugged design of the interior is inherent in build quality. Salon trimmed with leather, soft plastics and decorative aluminum inserts.

The driver is located in a sports seat with high headrests. In front of him is an elegant wheel with a thin rim and two «joystick» control.

The dashboard is divided into three clusters with color screens that display specific information.

The center console is a touch screen multimedia and navigation systems, a diagonal of 7 inches. Since it is quite simple and easy to be «friends» as you and your smartphone. We should also pay attention to the minimum number of buttons under the display left.

Rear passengers, sitting on a comfortable «sofa» in complete silence and comfort will be able to observe what is happening ahead.


The package includes Civic remote access system, a rearview camera, adaptive cruise control with the function of a complete stop and resume the set speed, as well as advanced safety systems.


When it comes to movement, in the «game» is entering a new 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine with a capacity of 176 horsepower and 220 Nm of torque.

Dynamic capabilities sedan with this engine is not yet known. Known only consumption of 7.6 liters per hundred in the urban cycle.

Work with the new engine will, stepless variator, which is not too will pamper the driver during abrupt starts from the place. Attention deserves and a softer suspension, tuned to the maximum comfort.


Honda Company has named a price for the US market. Price Civic in Russia will be announced later. Now sedan you can buy at the lowest price at 769,000 rubles.


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