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Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020 — update of the Civic hatchback.
A couple of days ago, sales of the updated 2019-2020 Honda Civic hatchback started on the American market.

The five-door version of the model has been modernized according to the same scenario as the sedan and coupe presented almost a year ago.

The restyling turned out to be really modest, resulting in a slight correction of the exterior, interior and a set of available equipment. The new 2020 Honda Civic is offered in the US in five familiar trim levels (LX, Sport, EX, EX-L and Sport Touring).

At the same time, the hatchback, although it has risen in price, is proportional to the amount of improvements — the initial version, for example, added only $ 200. In general, the price of the model ranges from $ 22,580 to $ 28,050.

Very soon, the restyled Civic should appear in Europe, and the cars for the countries of the Old World will differ slightly from overseas copies.

By the way, neither one nor the other option is definitely not worth waiting for in Russia, since Honda has no plans to return the Civic to our market.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Changes in design and equipment

A modest list of innovations does not allow immediately identifying the differences between the new car and its predecessor.

Only upon a detailed examination of the novelty, it is possible to establish that the bumpers of the car have acquired additional elements in the body color, the grille has received a slightly different decor, the front optics began to look more expressive and aggressive due to enhanced blackout.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Expensive versions of the five-door are now equipped with improved LED headlights with a wider and longer-range beam. And of course, if we talk about appearance, then we cannot ignore the new hatchback rims with a predominantly dark gray or black color.

Inside the Honda Civic, at first glance, everything is the same. However, the manufacturer claims to improve the quality of soundproofing of the floor, luggage compartment and wheel arches. Also, the emphasis is on the emergence of new upholstery materials and the differentiation of finishes depending on the performance. Another subtle innovation is the revised cup holder between the front seats.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

The range of equipment available for the new Honda Civic was mostly formed during the preparation of the car of this model year, and, in fact, there are no changes here.

The hatchback has a modern Display Audio media system with a 7-inch touchscreen (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, voice recognition, eight speakers), an electric driver’s seat with 8-position adjustment, Smart Entry keyless entry and Smart push-button engine start Start.

In addition, all Civic configurations, without exception, provide for a set of Honda Sensing safety systems as part of adaptive cruise control, automatic switching of headlights, frontal collision prevention, tracking of lane markings and recognition of the edge of the carriageway.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

Specifications Honda Civic Hatchback 2020.

In the technical part, the five-door Civic remained true to itself, still having at its disposal only one power plant — a 1.5-liter gasoline turbo unit of the Earth Dreams series.

On the LX, EX and EX-L versions, the engine generates 176 hp, on the Sport and Sport Touring versions — 182 hp. The torque in both cases is limited to 260 Nm.

The engine works in a company with a variator (main box) or 6-speed «mechanics» (available for two trim levels with the Sport attachment).

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