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Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022. Honda introduced the new generation Honda Civic hatchback.

The compact car has an elegant design and a manual transmission.

Its audience is young and active buyers who are looking for more utility in the car.

Honda has officially unveiled the new generation Civic hatchback.

Unlike the sedan, this one has a different front grille, as the interior pattern is represented by hexagonal holes instead of horizontal lines.

Naturally, the most significant changes to this car are concentrated in the rear. After all, the total body length of the hatch is 12.4 cm less than that of the sedan, which is why it looks more compact.

Also at the rear, it is worth noting a bar that unites the optics and extends across the entire width of the stern, while the sedan has separate lights.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

In addition, the hatchback has a slightly curved roofline.

The manufacturer claims this model is made from lightweight composite alloys. The luggage opening of the new generation Civic hatchback is 4.06 cm wider than that of the previous generation. At the same time, the total volume of the trunk of the novelty is slightly less.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

An important difference between this body and the sedan is that it can be purchased with a 6-speed manual transmission.

It will be offered in the Civic Sport trim level, which is available with a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine with 158 hp. and 187 N * m of torque.

In addition, the version on the «mechanics» is also equipped with a 1.5-liter gasoline unit with a turbocharging of 180 hp. and 240 N * m of torque.

The CVT type gearbox is available with all trim levels, and for the LX and EX-L modifications it has no alternative at all.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

When this transmission is selected for the Sport or Sport Touring versions, additional gearshift paddles appear under the steering wheel.

To give the hatchback a more sporty character, the manufacturer has carried out some tuning of the car’s suspension.

In the LX, Sport and EX-L versions, the model is equipped with a digital instrument cluster and a 7.0-inch infotainment display.

Honda Civic Hatchback 2022.

In the more expensive Sport Touring configuration, the “tidy” screen increases to 10.2 inches, and the diagonal of the multimedia touch monitor grows to 9.0 inches.

The production of this version of the Honda Civic will be concentrated in the United States. This market is the main one for the Japanese model.

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