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Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

The new 11th generation Honda Civic was presented in a sedan body. Compared to the 10th generation, the novelty has become more aggressive, with refined body parts, modified suspension, old engines and a completely redesigned interior.

So far, it is reliably known about such parameters of a sedan for the North American market, but if you believe the words of company representatives, for the European and Asian market, the Honda Civic Sedan will not change.

This is a plus, because earlier under the same name, the same model for different continents was significantly different.

Price and configuration Honda Civic 11 2022

Officially, the price for the new 11th generation Honda Civic sedan has not yet been announced. According to the manufacturer, despite the fact that the model is positioned as a car in 2022, the start of sales in the United States is tentatively scheduled for mid-summer 2021.

In terms of the number of trim levels, the 11th generation of the sedan will not differ much from the 10th.

Today, the 10th generation Honda Civic sedan in the USA is offered in 5 trim levels (LX, Sport, EX, EX-L and Touring).

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

The starting price of the 10th generation starts at $ 21,250, and the top version starts at $ 28,300. Most likely, the price of the new Honda Civic Sedan 2022 will not run far.

According to experts, the novelty will cost a couple of thousand dollars more than the current 10th generation.


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Exterior of the new sedan

The appearance of the new generation Honda Civic Sedan was long-awaited and predictable. Nevertheless, until recently, no one knew how the new product would look and what exactly would change in the exterior.

Now, after the preview of the novelty, all the secrets are revealed. At first glance, it seems that the car has received minimal changes, but if you look closely and compare the two generations, the details will be clearly visible.

Most of all, the exterior changes are noticeable on the front of the Honda Civic Sedan 2022. In particular, the novelty turned out to be softer LED optics, installed almost horizontally, and not at an angle to the center, as in the previous generation.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

Above and on the outside, the optics were decorated with LED daytime running lights. To give more rigor, the background of the optics will be black, although in the basic configuration it will most likely be left chrome.

The new Honda Civic sedan was deprived of the so-called eyelashes above the optics, which previously extended from the main radiator grill.

Instead of eyelashes, the designers have added a solid forehead insert, which will be painted in the body color.

Still, the bottom optics are still emphasized by small plastic inserts. As for the main grille, between the front optics, in comparison with the previous generation, it has become simpler in terms of design.

Horizontal slats, center Honda emblem and a pair of safety and comfort sensors.

The interior of the new sedan

The appearance of the 11th generation Honda Civic Sedan received noticeable changes, while retaining its recognizable appearance.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

As for the interior of the new Honda Civic, here it is completely redesigned, from the front panel to the luggage compartment.

Plus, the manufacturer revealed more information about the interior than about the exterior. Sitting in a new sedan, the first thing that catches your eye is the new front fascia.

In contrast to the 10th generation, the panel has become rough, flat on top and the display of the multimedia system in the form of a tablet in the center.

However, a new approach to the arrangement of interior details allowed for more free space for both front and rear passengers.

Depending on the configuration of the new Honda Civic Sedan, the central multimedia display can be 7 «or 9».

It is based on two platforms at the same time: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If we talk about quality, then this is a complete analogue, which is installed on the latest generation of the Honda Accord.

The controls will be quite unusual, in addition to the touch response, the left vertical part of the display is reserved for touch buttons and one knob.

Overall, the interior of the new Honda Civic Sedan leaves a pleasant impression. The interior has become larger by changing the angle of inclination of the front and rear pillars.

Honda Civic Sedan 2022-2023.

The seats have become softer and more comfortable. Similarly, the functionality was updated, making it modern, at the same time convenient to operate, leaving mechanical buttons and all kinds of prompts.

A plus will be the digital dashboard, which is already included in the standard set of basic equipment.

Specifications Honda Civic sedan 2022

As already mentioned, the engine from the previous generation will remain under the hood of the new Honda Civic Sedan.

So far there is no official confirmation of this, but from insider information, the list will include two units: atmospheric and turbocharged, both will be gasoline.

An atmospheric unit with a volume of 2.0 liters will be considered standard. With a capacity of 160 hp. and 187 Nm maximum torque.

As an option, a turbocharged petrol engine of the VTEC family with a volume of 1.5 liters will be offered. The power of such an engine is 182 hp. although previously the power was 176 hp.

The torque has been similarly increased, from 220 Nm to 240 Nm. Regardless of the engine chosen, the variator will work in pair.

Dimensions Honda Civic Sedan 2022

Length, mm — 4674
Width, mm -1801
Height, mm -1415
Wheelbase, mm — 2736

The improved platform has also influenced the comfort of the Honda Civic Sedan. So the rear has a multi-link suspension for all sedans of this model, and the front is the classic McPherson.

The front subframe was revised, although it remained aluminum, but the structure acquired hinges.

The body of the sedan itself became stiffer, increasing the figure by 8%. This is not only a plus for safety, but also an improvement in terms of noise and vibration isolation, and of course the car’s handling.

Over time, the manufacturer plans to introduce a new 11th generation Honda Civic hatchback. It remains to be seen whether a coupe body will be presented for the new Honda Civic.

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