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Honda e 2021.

Honda e 2021.

Honda e 2021.

Honda e 2021 is the embodiment of the corporate spirit of Honda.

The trend towards the production of electric cars for urban use has affected all leading car manufacturers. The Japanese company Honda is no exception.

Its novelty, called Honda e 2021, became an interesting release for motorists, which stood out for its original body design, comfortable interior and progressive equipment.


As electric cars become very affordable and offered in a wide variety, drivers have to make a difficult choice between gasoline and electric models. Recently, a large number of interesting electric cars have entered the market, and Honda e 2021 was among the prettiest and most modern.

Honda e 2021.

Stylish and dynamic, the car exhibits a special character and has an original body design that allows it to stand out from other electric models.

The general concept of the exterior style is somewhat reminiscent of the corporate spirit of the Japanese automaker 30 years ago. The 2021 Honda e is a lot like the 1972 Civic.

The model looks beautiful and restrained, without the aggression popular in the modern car industry. The ground clearance is slightly underestimated, and the shortened fenders and large-sized glass guarantee the driver good visibility.

The electric car Honda e 2021 is a compact hatchback for urban use, which belongs to the B-segment. The head optics kit is equipped with LED lights, and the grille has been replaced with an ergonomic glass panel. A hatch on the bonnet covers the charger connector.

There is no pronounced relief on the hood, and only plastic panels are used as decorations, which open access to the battery compartment. In the center of the front part there is a dark oval insert, where the round headlights of the head optics and the logo of the Japanese manufacturer are located.

A little below, a relief recess with an identical oval shape stands out, on which the number sign is installed. The exterior of the front part is completed by plastic protection, narrow foglights and several elements with chrome plating.

Honda e 2021.

From a profile projection, the Honda e 2021 resembles a small crossover. Regardless of the body color, the roof is always black. The window openings are of the same height, but the glass area of ​​the front doors is much wider, which improves lateral visibility.

The door handles near the front row of seats are slightly recessed into the body, and at the back they are simply absent, which is explained by the presence of an electric drive for control. Rear-view mirrors are not provided. They are replaced by camera projections.

A discreet relief line can be seen on top of the doors. There are no other decorative elements. Additional details include side skirts with contrasting colors, as well as convex wheel arches that are practically in contact with the wheels.

The back part repeats the style of the front, if you do not take into account a few accents. There is a visor along the perimeter of the rear window, and under it there is a glossy edging. The oval inset with round lights features the Honda logo and chrome nameplates.

The rear bumper is equipped with an oval recess for the license plate, subtle fog lines and plastic protection. There are no exhaust pipes due to the design features of the car.

The 2021 Honda e is built on an innovative platform with an electric motor on the rear axle.

Honda e 2021.

Dimensions Honda e 2021:

• length — 3895 mm .;
• width — 1750 mm .;
• height — 1512 mm .;
• wheelbase — 2530 mm.

Given the relatively small size, the novelty can be called quite heavy, because its weight is 1514 kg. The «base» provides light-alloy wheels with a diameter of 16 inches. More expensive editions have 17-inch wheels. Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires with a size of 225/45 R17 are used as standard tires.

Salon Honda e 2021

The interior of the Honda e 2021 looks discreet and elegant. The wood insert extends across the entire upper sector of the dashboard. Above it are three TFT displays that resemble a simple television. The driver has at his disposal an 8.8-inch screen and two 12.3-inch monitors for the multimedia complex.

The stock multimedia supports the new interface, and by the principle of operation it resembles a regular smartphone with large icons to control various options. By default, image scaling and data projection from one display to another are provided.

There is an updated voice assistant in the Honda e 2021 that simplifies interaction with the interactive system. The display supports personalization with statistical wallpapers or a moving aquarium that is activated after the vehicle is stopped.

The steering wheel can be adjusted in depth and height.
The multimedia system has an HDMI socket under the dashboard that will allow you to connect a game console.

The platform also supports the connection of smartphones to track the current state of battery charging or activate a digital «key» to start the car from other devices.

Compared to the main competitors MINI Electric and Peugeot e-208, the Honda e 2021 has more advanced interior equipment.

Three displays can display the picture from the rear-view cameras, which replace the door mirrors and do their job well and are included in the basic package.

Basically, the interior trim and functionality raises no objections. The seats are lined with high-quality material, have ergonomics and enhanced support.

The center console has a retractable cup holder where you can store various small items.

Honda e 2021.

Back row passengers may feel a lack of space, because the second row of seats is adapted for seating two people. The electric car has a 5-door layout, but a small luggage compartment with a volume of 171 liters with raised seats.

This is due to the placement of the power unit, which is hidden under the floor surface. A 35.5 kW battery is installed in the center section under the seat.

Specifications Honda e 2021

The new Honda e 2021 is built on the basis of a new «trolley» developed specifically for this model. The platform has an independent chassis.

The market will receive two modifications of the model with an identical engine, but different power reserves. In the first case, a 136-horsepower engine is used, and in the second, a 154-horsepower engine.

The torque figures are identical for the two electric motors — 315 Nm. The power plant is located on the rear axle. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h with an advanced engine is 8 seconds.

The 35.5 kW battery is located under the floor and provides a range of up to 220 km on the combined WLTP cycle.

To recharge the battery, connect it through the connector in the hood to the charging cable. Using a special charging terminal, you can restore the battery charge level to 80% in just 30 minutes.

The vehicle’s ground clearance is 119 mm. The volume of the trunk in the normal state is 171 liters, with the seats folded down — 861 liters.
Drive Honda e 2021 — front. The transmission is automatic. The maximum acceleration speed is 145 km / h. The power reserve is 220 km.

Honda e 2021 shows good driving properties, which is explained by its belonging to the class of city cars. Due to the rear placement of the power unit, the car has a turning radius of 4.3 m. This allows the car to operate in high traffic conditions and improves maneuverability.

The electric car has independent suspension on all sides, which ensures comfortable movement on unstable road surfaces with bumpy areas.

The car owners have no complaints about the steering. In terms of power reserve, the 2021 Honda e is inferior to competitors, but when entering corners, it demonstrates good dynamism.

Honda e 2021.

The only negative is that the front end undergoes wide spreading in fast corners.
Also, drivers speak badly about the presence of many modes of brake regeneration. On the steering wheel, there are paddles with 4 levels of adjustment, which correspond to normal or sport mode.

Price list and equipment Honda e 2021

The basic equipment of the Honda e 2021 is quite rich. Starting with the basic version, the car has keyless entry, power windows, climate control, a sunroof, various sensors and a 180-watt sound system.

By default, there is a connection via a wireless Bluetooth interface and an adaptive cruise.

As a means of safety, 6 airbags are used, stabilization of jerks and automatic braking when an obstacle is detected. In addition, the car is able to recognize road signs.

The advanced version of Advance has a heated steering wheel, landing seats and windshield. Also, the modification has a parking assistant, Wi-Fi and 375-watt standard acoustics.

Access to the salon via telephone is available as an option.

In the European market, you can buy a Honda e 2021 for 29,500 or 32,500 euros, depending on the version. In a short time since the announcement, 40 thousand pre-orders were issued for the purchase of the model.

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