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Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022. The Honda Civic has been updated with the Si FE1 version. The novelty was shown in the official photos and announced prices for it.

The Japanese manufacturer has recently shared photos of a special version of the Honda Civic 2022, which was named Si FE1.

Development of the new items was involved division of Honda HPD (Honda Performance Development). The car is fully consistent with racing specifications.

In terms of roubles the cost of Civic Si FE1 reaches a mark of 3.11 million rubles.

The model, designed for racing tracks, will be available on the North American market.

Deliveries of the cars will start in November. The model has received a bright appearance, corresponding to the racing style.

In order to reduce the weight of the car, a number of soundproofing materials have been eliminated, and there is no sunroof.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

A venting structure has been added to the lower trim to dissipate heat for the brake system. The latter is equipped with Pagid RST3 brake pads and Wilwood 6-piston calipers.

At the rear, Pagid RST4 brake pads are used. In addition, the car «Honda Civic» in the special version received an upgraded suspension, a spoiler with different specification options.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

The Borla exhaust system is still represented by a double-sided layout.

The FIA safety cage with TIG welded steel tubes, OMP bucket seats, six-point seat belts and a quick-release steering wheel were used to create the racing version.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

In addition, its dashboard will be replaced by the Motec C127 racing dash, and the top is also equipped with a gearshift indicator.

Regarding power specifications, it is reported that under the hood is also placed a 1.5-liter «turbo four» with five levels of power to choose from.

Other details about the power unit at the moment are not provided.

Honda HPD Civic Si FE1 2022.

Transmission in the Civic Si is a 6-speed «manual» with a self-locking differential and close gear ratio. The box has a strengthened fourth gear.

The suspension has been significantly redesigned. The car is equipped with a two-stage adjustable Bilstein damper with two spring stiffness options.

Parts for camber are available for adjustment, as well as the wheel rims.

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