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Honda HR-V 2021.

Honda HR-V 2021.

Honda HR-V 2021.

Honda HR-V 2021: a youth crossover with excellent operational potential.

The target audience of the smallest subcompact car Honda HR-V 2021 in the back of an SUV in the branded crossover range is young motorists who value personal transport:

nominal ratio of affordable price, economy and modern running parameters;
exclusivity of body design;
the nominal traction and speed capabilities of the power unit for its status.


The new model of the HR-V crossover model of 2021 in the external appearance demonstrates excellent aerodynamics of the body contour, as well as expressive elements of a dynamic, aggressive style.

The most vivid impressions from the review of the photo of the front side.

In the spotlight:

sports gentle slope of large-format windscreen;

bonnet reinforced with high stepped reliefs;

decorative chrome plating of the logo and the connecting bridge of the stylish xenon head optics units.

In the central part of the front end there is a textured mesh of the radiator lining shaded with a silvery semi-perimeter.

The bumper is equipped with wedge-shaped diffusers and a trapezium of the engine compartment ventilation duct, supplemented with fog lamps.

Elements of the aggressive style are represented by a large number of expressive ribbed reliefs.

A characteristic feature of the external layout is the presence of protective and decorative off-road hinges, in particular, a plastic skirt of the lower body perimeter.

Honda HR-V 2021.

In profile, the new version of the Honda HR-V 2021 draws attention:

silver roof rails falling to the stern;

arched configuration of high, divided by black pillars of two-section glazing;

elegant mirrors and stepped longitudinal reliefs of convex sidewalls.

The off-road potential of the body is characterized by short overhangs, high ground clearance and voluminous wheel arches with 17-inch alloy wheels.

Designer crossover classics also prevail in the design of the rear side of the case.

In the area of ​​attention is the now common combination of a spoiler and sloped rear glazing, as well as a tailgate bearing brand symbols, inner sections of lamps and curly reliefs of the tailgate.

The bumper package includes a massive body kit with an air diffuser, a pair of fog lamps and a cutout for the outlet of the exhaust pipe.

Judging by the reviews of eyewitnesses, the new body design corresponds to the level of more expensive and prestigious crossover counterparts.

Honda HR-V 2021.


In the finishing of the fabric or kozhimite decoration of the five-seater saloon, inexpensive, nevertheless beautiful, high-quality and durable materials are used, complemented by decorative elements made of plastic and metal inserts.

The upper sector of the multifunction steering wheel, supplemented by blocks of command buttons, provides an excellent overview of the analog-digital dashboard with two informative dials and a round computer monitor.

The top floor of the center console is occupied by a media command display with a touchpad and a set of stylish air vents.

The lower panel with mechanical buttons is responsible for activating and setting the interior microclimate and other comfort-related options.

Tunnel equipment consists of a well for small-sized luggage, a power transmission shift lever, a small list of organizers and an armrest, which also serves as a cover for a capacious glove compartment.

The advantages of basic electronics are the advanced characteristics of a multimedia complex working with two digital standards, the presence of electronic assistants and active road safety systems.

The poorly defined lateral support of the pilot seats is partially offset by the comfort profiles and the ergonomically flawless layout.

Honda HR-V 2021.

The road boarding service offers extended control range options, as well as options for heating and ventilation of seats.

After a simple transformation, the volume of the 470-liter luggage compartment with a recess for the spare wheel built into the floor is increased to 1,533 liters.


The crossover’s belonging to the segment of automobile subcompacts is confirmed by the external dimensions identical to its predecessor, in the ratios of 4295 x 1773 and 1605 mm.

Center base length 2610 mm, clearance height up to 185 mm.

In the structural and layout properties, the Honda HR-V 2021 is a typical for budget cars a rack-and-torsion bar suspension, supplemented by a stabilizer, disc brakes and road safety contours.

Honda HR-V 2021.

• In the second generation, the European version of the crossover offers a choice of two internal combustion engines.

The basic version is a gasoline 4-cylinder «aspirated» with the passport parameters of 1.5 l / 130 hp / 155 Nm of peak thrust. In another decision, a 1.6-liter turbodiesel with an output of 120 hp / 300 Nm is announced.

• The motors are supplied with a 6-speed «mechanics» or transmission of a variator type. Acceleration to a speed of 100 km / h requires 10.1 and 11.2 seconds, the maximum speed is 187 and 192 km.

The test drive confirmed gasoline and heavy fuel consumption of 5.3 and 4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Options and prices

In Europe, the new 2021 Honda HR-V is promised in four trim levels. The starting price of the post-reform subcompact in the standard version is 21 thousand euros.

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