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Honda HR-V.

Honda HR-V.

Speaking of updates from Japan, we can not ignore and compact new product from the company Honda — urban crossover Honda HR-V second generation. In fact, to call it a novelty can only be a stretch, as the car is the European version of a compact urban crossover Honda Vezel, sold on the Japanese market in 2013.

However, sales of Honda HR-V will start in the Russian Federation was in 2016, and this name has been decided to give the car to commemorate the Honda HR-V of the first generation, which was perfect for its time design and very popular in our country and in Europe. The appearance of Honda HR-V, as well as interior design, does not differ from those in the Japanese version Vezel.


Despite the fact that the car was created nearly three years ago, its design looks very modern and even avant-garde.

This applies to the design front, a sloping roof, and original rear door handles, «hidden» in the rear rack and makes the car look a two-door coupe.

Honda HR-V length of 4295 millimeters, which is quite natural for crossovers in its class. As a «donor» platform for new crossover Honda HR-V 2016 model year gave Compact MPV Honda Fit, but the wheelbase is the case with Honda HR-V has been expanded in 2530 to 2610 millimeters.

This was done to increase the supply of available space for the riders back seat crossover.

By the way, stock up space and contributed to placing the fuel tank under the seats, and the resulting data tricks the car not only provides comfort for passengers, but also has an impressive luggage compartment volume equal to 453 liters.


At the same time opportunities Magic Seats system of interior transformation allows him to easily increase by folding the rear seat backs.

European (and, therefore, and Russian) version of the Honda HR-V 2016 model year will be equipped with two power units. The first of these will polutoralitrovye petrol engine family i-VTEC, which develops power of 120 horsepower.

The second will be the diesel i-DTEC with the same parameters of the working volume, which can «give out» 120 hp.


Both engines will be working with a six-speed manual transmission and a gasoline version can be ordered «paired» with stepless variator.

The European version of the Honda HR-V will have a front-wheel drive only, while in Japan and available all-wheel drive version.

Video — the behavior of the crossover Honda HR-V 2016 in difficult road conditions:


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