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Honda Insight 2022.

Honda Insight 2022.

Honda Insight 2022.

A few months ago, the Japanese brand registered the Honda Insight 2022 hybrid model with the INPI.

And while the model hasn’t been officially released by the automaker until today, the Honda Insight 2022 import is getting a better chance thanks to numerous incentives for hybrid and electric models installed in the country.

Read more about the powertrain, features, production run and competitors of the North American version of the Honda Insight 2022 in the article below.

Honda Insight 2022.

Unlike the model that spawned it, the next generation Honda Insight is pretty bold! The LED-filled headlights and lights are pretty modern.

Although the profile also has different details, but you can not deny the great similarities with the model Civic 2022 , such as the line of glasses.

Insight may enter the domestic market at prices close to the Toyota Prius 2022 , as the model is a major competitor in the North American market.

Honda Insight 2022.

Engine and performance.

If the Insight is reminiscent of the Civic in appearance, it is in the mechanical set-up that they are as far apart as possible.

The engines are two.

The first is Atkinson’s 1.5-liter Aspire, which has a longer expansion phase and uses compression ignition for fuel economy. The engine makes 108 hp and 13.7 lb-ft.

Honda Insight 2022.

The second engine is the famous electric motor, capable of 131 hp and 27.2 kgf/min of torque. But together they can generate more than 153 hp.

The Insight’s transmission is a variator.

According to Honda, the goal was to create a direct competitor to the Prius, but the Insight is not a plug-in hybrid, and its autonomy in electricity is small.

Honda Insight 2022.

But how the Honda Insight 2022 works. To clarify, the model only runs with the electric motor in certain situations, such as starting, low cruising speed, and braking. The autonomy in this mode is almost 1.7 km.

The interior of Honda’s new hybrid has a very refined finish.

A more elaborate, functional and harmonious dashboard, despite the location of the 8-inch multimedia screen with Android Auto and Car Play, updating the online system via Wi-Fi connection with smartphones, far ahead of the central air diffusers.

Honda Insight 2022.

Versions and prices

Because of hybrid incentive policies in Russia, the U.S. and Europe, prices for the Honda Insight 2022 are expected to drop about 7 percent on IPI.

Creating direct competition to the already existing Toyota Prius, it’s possible that Insight values are in the $12,650 to $13,350 range.

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