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Honda Inspire 2024.

Honda Inspire 2024.

Honda Inspire 2024.

Honda Inspire sedan presented with a hybrid system: sales start dates are known.

The Chinese car will arrive in car dealerships in a few days, but prices have not yet been disclosed.

Honda Inspire 2024 presented in a new version for the Chinese market. This is a plug-in hybrid version.

With the update, the sedan received some changes in appearance. It looks quite aggressive, which should be appreciated by a younger audience.

It is reported that sales of the model will begin at the end of June, but prices have not yet been disclosed. Although there are suggestions that they will vary in the range from 2.024 to 2.591 million rubles.

The dimensions of the Honda Inspire correspond to 4979x1862x1449 mm. The contours of the body attract attention with smooth lines, which indicates good aerodynamic performance.

The radiator grille received vertically mounted slats, which gives the appearance of masculinity. The original design is provided for the headlights.

The sedan is equipped with reduced climate control, a 10.2-inch dashboard, multimedia, comfortable seats, airbags, and so on.

For the model, not only a plug-in hybrid installation is available, but also a standard turbocharged engine with 192 hp. power paired with a variator.

As for the economical version, it is based on a 148-horsepower naturally aspirated engine and a 184-horsepower electric unit.

Honda Inspire 2024.

Note that the Honda Inspire 2024 is a sporty version of the eleventh generation “Chinese” Accord sedan, which was introduced at the beginning of the twenty-third.

Both models have a lot of common body panels, but due to a different plumage, the Inspire is perceived as a more aggressive and youthful car.

Such a four-door has original bumpers, and a frameless radiator grill attracts attention with a grin of vertical bars.

Honda Inspire 2024.

The presented sedan also relies on slightly different headlights and separate taillights, while the fresh Accord has them in the form of a single strip.

The interior of the Inspire is again largely unified with the Accord, although the design of the front panel is different.

In particular, the ventilation deflectors on the latter have a more traditional design, and their adjustment knobs are different.

Of the equipment, it is worth noting a 10.2-inch virtual tidy without a visor and a protruding tablet of a multimedia system.

Honda Inspire 2024.

The car also relies on a reduced climate control unit with a screen in a rotating handle and a push-button transmission control panel.

In terms of dimensions, the Honda Inspire 2024 is almost no different from the Chinese Accord, except that its length is 1 mm shorter — 4,979 mm. But the width and height of both four-doors are identical — 1,862 and 1,449 mm, respectively.

In the base, the sedan is equipped with a 1.5-liter turbo four, which also relies on the new Accord.

This motor goes in tandem with a CVT and produces 192 hp. (260 Nm). The car can also be ordered as an e:PHEV plug-in hybrid.

He is accompanied by a traction electric motor with a power of 184 forces (335 Nm). Most of the time it is he who is responsible for the rotation of the wheels.

Honda Inspire 2024.

But the internal combustion engine, by default, acts as a generator for recharging the traction batteries and is connected to the wheels through a single-stage gearbox only at high speeds.

The hybrid does not have the usual gearbox, and the traction battery here is from CATL. It is installed under the rear sofa and has a capacity of 17.7 kWh.

It should be enough for 82 km of run in the electric preset (according to the WLTP cycle). The charging port is located in the front left fender.

The new Honda Inspire will be produced at the Dongfeng Honda joint venture. In the Chinese market, the model should debut before the end of June twenty-second.

Price information is not yet available. Tentatively, they will ask for the same amount for a sedan as for a local Accord.

The latter here costs from $25,000 (2.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate), although they ask for $32,000 (2.6 million rubles) for a hybrid.


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