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Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura): the rebirth of a legendary model.

At the end of August 2021, Japanese company Honda patented the brand «Integra Type S», which immediately gave rise to rumors about the imminent revival of the car series Integra, which were produced from 1985 to 2006.

Earlier at the presentation of the NSX Type S sports coupe, the company’s marketers gave the audience a light show, which clearly made it clear that the famous name will definitely return to the market.


For 20-year existence of Integra brand, the Japanese company managed to produce four generations of homonymous coupes, hatchbacks and sedans, which often changed exterior, but kept inherent «driving spirit».

Pass it to the new Integra 2022 model year promised Honda vice president John Ikeda, who also hinted that the new car will focus on the North American market, where it will be presented under the premium brand Acura.

Finally doubts about the manufacturer’s plans were dispelled at California Monterey Car Week, during which there appeared unambiguous teaser showing a part of the front optics of the new car with the inscription «Integra».

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).


The published teaser gives little information about the appearance of the future car.

What it will be — a sedan, a coupe or a hatch — is not told even by the already mentioned light show, with the help of which the authors of the performance tried to show outlines of the new Integra.

And yet, according to available images, experts note a certain similarity of new items with the recently released sedans TLX and ILX, created under the corporate Japanese design concept Precision Crafted Performance.

The front end, indeed, does not differ much from the current TLX, but the rear allows you to imagine a two-door fastback.

Additional information for the pondering of fans of the brand — Acura does not refuse the idea of adding four-door body options to the two-door versions of the new 2022 Integra.

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).


The interior of the 2022 model year Acura Integra’s interior remains a complete mystery for now, but basically in its architecture it may well resonate with the current TLX.

There it demonstrates «compact» ergonomics inherent to all civilian Japanese sports cars with an abundance of buttons on the front panel and steering wheel.

Probably, the novelty will also get an analog «dashboard» which will pay tribute to sports cars of the past, but, certainly, will get more modern «graphics» on its dials.

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).

Technical stuffing

Technically, Honda Integra promises to be similar to the Honda Civic of the eleventh generation, in addition, this model recently abolished the Coupe version.

If these rumors are confirmed, the choice of engines for the new fifth-generation Integra will be obvious: an atmospheric 2.0-liter gasoline engine with 160 hp (187 Nm). (187 Nm) and the turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder unit with 182 hp. (240 Nm).

By the way, on Civics these engines are completed with a variator.

Honda Integra 2022 (Acura).

«Charged» version of Type S and release date

In 2020, Japanese media got insider information from Acura dealers that a new compact sedan Type S will be available by 2022.

Obviously, then the question was about the Integra in a non-alternative «charged» version, which will be presented as a car on «maximum capacities».

From plans to release the novelty next year the Japanese do not refuse, but they already delay the output of a number of their new models, explaining it by the lack of microchips, which, as you know, has already managed to disrupt production processes at many automobile plants of various companies.

Recall that in 2022 Honda will release a charged Type R hatchback, and it is obvious that the Integra Type S will be highly unified with it.

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