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Honda Integra 2022.

Honda Integra 2022.

Honda Integra 2022.

Honda Integra 2022. Honda’s premium subreddit, Acura, is bringing back the iconic Integra — it became known thanks to Monterey Car Week, where the Japanese put on a real show, showing the car name and its outline through an original light show using drones.

Additional confirmation also appeared on the official Acura page on Instagram, where the manufacturer posted a short video showing a part of the head optics of the new car.

And the caption to the teaser was an unambiguous inscription promising presentation of the new generation of Honda Integra in spring 2022.

Sports coupe Integra was produced by Japanese from 1985 to 2006, and for this time saw four generations of the model.

The reason for the return to the project, according to the company’s management, was the desire not only to offer an alternative to the buyers of Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR 86 and Nissan Z, but also to realize their plans to produce the most powerful version of the Type S among all existing Acura models.

Given the rich heritage of the Integra brand, the choice in favor of the idea of its return to the market seemed successful and very promising.

Moreover, the Japanese are confident that those consumers who bought Integra Type-R cars in the early 2000s, when the brand was at the peak of its popularity, today have matured, have a higher level of income, and most importantly — keep fond memories of the Acura Performance products, which will certainly encourage them to the idea of buying a new two-door sports coupe from the revived brand.

Honda Integra 2022.

What will be this car, it is still difficult to understand, but at the heart of the new Integra could be the Civic of the eleventh generation, which has a successful platform and a suitable range of engines.

Anyway, the novelty is declared as the car of 2022 model year, therefore new details are to wait for not long.

Honda following the recent debut of the Acura NSX Type S supercar has apparently decided to please fans of the premium brand with another novelty.

Honda Integra 2022.

The manufacturer has published a teaser image, which shows that the Integra model returns to the market.

This car, according to the description, will officially debut only in 2022. The manufacturer said that the new Integra will belong to the premium compact models.

At the same time, Honda has disclosed almost no details about the exterior and other features of the model.

But thanks to the drone show that took place during the presentation of the NSX Type S, we can already get some idea of the revived Integra.

The published photo shows that Japanese novelty will be presented as a sports car having 2-door body. This picture contradicts previously published information.

Honda informed its dealers last year about the possible return of the Acura Integra to the market. But then they were talking about a full sedan.

Honda Integra 2022.

The body change is probably due in part to the fact that Honda recently abandoned production of the Civic coupe.

This model can be replaced by the premium Acura Integra coupe. And, possibly, the Japanese novelty will be based on the Civic platform of the last generation.

According to rumors, the premium model will get the same engine as the mentioned sedan in the Si version.

Return of the Acura Integra is justified in the light of activity of direct competitors of Honda.

Toyota and Subaru have presented GR 86 and BRZ relatively recently, and soon should debut the new Nissan Z.

During the announcement, Acura vice president John Ikeda said that «the Integra is coming back.» According to him, the company intends to revive «the driving spirit and DNA of the original.»

Honda Integra 2022.

He also noted that details and specifications of the novelty will be declassified later: information will be available closer to the launch of the revived car which is scheduled for 2022.

Note that sales of Acura cars on the U.S. market in the «minus» for the last two years.

However, in 2019 the negative dynamics is symbolic (less than 1% decline), and in 2020 it can be explained by the consequences of the pandemic coronavirus.

Americans bought 136,982 last year, down 13% from a year earlier. The current year is «plus»: 103,234 cars were sold in January-July, which is 49.5% more than in the first seven months of the previous year.

The brand’s lineup includes crossovers that are in relatively high demand.

One of them, the MDX, changed its generation at the end of last year: we told you more about this car earlier.

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