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Honda Jazz 2021.

Honda Jazz 2021.

Honda Jazz 2021.

The 2021 Honda Jazz: a practical and economical hybrid hatchback.
The company «Honda» has provided a promising release of the subcompact hatchback Honda Jazz 2021.

In the fourth generation, the new model got rid of the familiar elements of aggressive style, thoroughly updated the body design and characteristics of the components of the power units.

The novelty provides additional opportunities for the transformation of the salon volume. In particular, the transportation of bulky monoblock cargo has become easier, the operational potential of electronic and technical equipment has been expanded, and the ergonomic properties of seats have been improved.


From the side view, the new body attracts increased attention:

• aerodynamic tilt of the panoramic windshield;

• diagonal arrangement of ribbed profiles of the short bonnet;

• smiling configuration of a compact radiator grille;

• crescent contours of the running lights of the front optics units.

The front end is also equipped with a massive protruding bumper, horizontal slats of a large-format air duct for ventilation of the engine compartment and side diffusers framed in black plastic with integrated round fog lamps.

Honda Jazz 2021.

The facade decoration of the body is minimal — decorative chrome plating of the brand logo and a wide range of wave reliefs.

No less expressive is the design of the body sidewalls decorated in a sporty-business style. In the photo in the profile projection, the Honda Jazz 2021 looks compact, elegant and presentable. In sight:

• silver outline and black double pillars of window trim;

• wedge-shaped mirrors;

• a set of wave and stepped body profiles;

• Five-leaf design of 16-inch wheels.

A simpler layout of an elongated body in relation to similar counterparts looks more practical and modern, and its wedge-shaped configuration helps to reduce the drag coefficient.

On the rear side, the fourth generation hatchback is identified by recognizable features of the corporate Honda style. Available — the rear window format narrowed in the upper part, expressive transverse reliefs of the tailgate, interesting design and original graphics of multifunctional stops.

Less interesting is the design of the lower segment of the stern, with the rounded contours of the wide bumper and two horizontal fog lamps. The decorative function is assigned to the chrome plating of the brand symbols and nameplates.

Honda Jazz 2021.

Judging by the feedback from the participants in the presentation, the Honda Jazz hatchback of the 2021 model, which has received a deep restyling, has good reason to claim high ranking positions.


In the interior design for five seats, the upgrade identified itself:

• expanding the range of finishing and decorative materials;

• replacement of the digital-analog instrument panel with a virtual panel;

• increasing the diagonal of the media-command display;

• additional functionality of multimedia equipment operating in different digital standards.

The front panel demonstrates a three-tier layout of the center console, equipped with ventilation and heating deflectors, touch and mechanical activators of onboard options and ports for connecting external digital gadgets.

The new generation hatchback is equipped with automotive electronics and security systems with improved performance parameters compared to its predecessor; in the future, an additional list of special paid options is promised.

The budgetary status of the novelty is indirectly indicated by the fabric trim of the cabin, a limited list of service landing functionality of the seats, and a strictly functional configuration of the tunnel.

In the presence of a technical sector with an electromechanical transmission shift knob, several command buttons and an armrest with an integrated container for small luggage.

• Front pilot seats with nominal side profiles and lumbar support offer multiple adjustment ranges and a heated seat circuit typical of more advanced vehicles.

• Rear sofa with a proper margin of comfort is able to accommodate three adult riders. The lack of a special service is compensated by the adjustable backrest tilt.

The nominal volume of the 298-liter luggage compartment of the subcompact car Honda Jazz 2021 is increased to 1203 liters due to a simple transformation of the sofa backs.

Honda Jazz 2021.


The dimensions of the body extended by 50 mm have been edited in proportionally adjusted ratios of 3995 x 1695 and 1515 mm. The basis for the modernized hatch is the proprietary front-wheel drive platform, supplemented by:

• combined post-torsion bar suspension;

• a set of two anti-roll bars;

• disc brakes and effective road safety systems.

The European version of the hatchback is equipped with a hybrid drive. The power tandem includes a 1.5-liter petrol four with an output of 98 hp / 127 Nm and a front-axle 109 hp / 253 Nm electric motor.

The generator generating the charging current is directly connected to the petrol engine.

Honda Jazz 2021.

The test drive showed the dynamics of dialing the first hundred in 9.4 seconds, 175 km of maximum speed and fuel consumption within 4.5 liters per 100 km in a variable driving mode.

Options and prices

At the initial stage, the new Honda Jazz 2021 model year is promised in the basic version and the sporty crossover modification of the Crosstar. The starting price is from $ 26,500.

Competing models

In the category of competing hybrid models such as the BMW i3s, Toyota Yaris or DS 3 Crossback.

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