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Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda Prologue 2024: The design of the crossover is fully revealed in the official video. The model strikes with its exterior.

The fact that Honda is preparing a brand new Prologue crossover was first talked about back in 2021.

However, it was shown on the official teaser only in May of this year. To Honda’s credit then the car was fully declassified at least on the design sketch.

Today, the Honda Prologue 2024 has been shown in a new official teaser and this time it is not a sketch.

Honda has released a teaser of the upcoming GM-powered electric Prologue.

Project chief designer Jiro Ikeda talked about the design language of the Neo-Rugged, which will be featured in Prologue.

Honda itself is positioning the novelty as a mass car and promise that it will look like the show car on the published teaser, as the design has already been approved.

Honda Prologue 2024.

Honda’s studio in Los Angeles was responsible for it, overseen by the head design center in Japan.

The exterior features narrow headlights integrated into the false radiator grille, smooth body lines, and sill plates and wheel arches made of unpainted plastic.

It is likely that the Prologue belongs to the class of medium-sized crossovers, although its dimensions have not yet been made public.

Honda Prologue 2024.

It was previously reported that the Honda Prologue (and later a similar electric crossover from Acura) will be produced and sold exclusively in the U.S. market.

According to Honda’s plans, by the end of the decade, it will sell up to 40 percent of its total sales of electric cars.

Honda Prologue 2024.

By 2035, their share will reach 80 percent, and by 2040 the automaker will completely abandon cars with traditional internal combustion engines.

Honda’s global plans do not affect Russia: 2022 will be the last year for cars of the Japanese brand on our market.

Deliveries of cars have already been stopped, although the company calls this decision temporary.

Honda and General Motors have been cooperating in green technology since 2013, and a couple of years ago the companies agreed to jointly produce electric cars.

Honda Prologue 2024.

The result was the Prologue electric crossover, which is expected to be built on the U.S. partner’s platform, has GM electronics and advanced Ultium batteries.

Honda was responsible for the design, safety systems, and fine-tuning of the car. This electric car won’t hit the market until 2024, but for now Honda has revealed its exterior in the first teaser.

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