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Honda SR-B 2021.

Honda SR-B 2021.

Honda SR-B 2021.

Honda SR-B 2021: compact crossover in front and all-wheel drive trim levels.
In Russia, the cars of the Honda Concern are officially represented by only two models, so the interest of domestic motorists in the new version of the urban compact crossover — Honda SR-V 2021 is natural.

In a new look, the novelty demonstrates a modified body design, a comfortable salon interior for its price category, dynamic high-speed and economical consumption characteristics of a gas-engine drive.


The new Honda SUV model of 2021 meets the needs of the urban driving contingent, who values ​​a combination of comfort, practicality and low-cost operation in personal transport. In the fifth generation, the car looks stylish and presentable from all angles.

In its brightest and most expressive frontal projection, the compact crossover demonstrates:

Honda SR-B 2021.

• high embossed sidewalls of the sloping hood;

• the hexagonal configuration of the black radiator grille, emphasized by the chrome-plated semi-perimeter;

• LED front optics units supplemented with direction indicators.

In the lower part of the front, attention is drawn to the block layout of the ventilation duct with side diffusers equipped with fog lights. Silver figured overlays and elements of aerodynamic ribbed relief are responsible for the decorating functionality.

In the side view, the new body is designed in the best traditions of the European crossover classics. In the spotlight:

• a sloping roof decorated with decorative rails;

• contrast ratio of chrome window frames and black matte pillars;

• handles recessed into door cards, modern rectangular mirrors.

The status of an off-road crossover is confirmed by the presence of a plastic protective and decorative lining on the lower body edge, roomy wheel arches and off-road clearance. The ambiance is effectively complemented by the expressive design of the one-piece 17- or 19-inch wheels.

In the photo from the back, the new version of the Honda SR-B 2021 looks modern and dignified in all respects. In the spotlight:

• rear window spoiler, traditional for crossover style;

• embossed tailgate decorated with the corporate logo, decorative strip and internal segments of multifunctional lamps;

• curly niche for a license plate and a narrow, slightly protruding bumper.

The massive body kit decorated with a silver strip includes fog optics and a pair of chrome-plated exhausts placed on both sidewalls.

Honda SR-B 2021.


In the design of the five-seater salon volume, restyling has identified itself as improving the quality parameters of the finishing range, thoroughly revising the seats, and additional properties of standard options.

According to experts, the functionality of onboard and technical equipment is not inferior to the equipment of similar models of a higher price category.

• Already in the basic configuration, the new version of the Honda CP-B will receive a front panel with a virtual instrument panel and an interesting design of a three-tier center console.

• It includes a unit of paired ventilation deflectors, a command-media display with touch control, a compact console and a technical sector with a power transmission lever and buttons for driving modes.

• The low and wide tunnel offers a built-in container for small luggage and a standard set of organizers. The armrest completes the design, combining the functions of the cover of the built-in refrigerator.

Honda SR-B 2021.

Road service is mostly focused on well-profiled and reasonably comfortable front row seats.

In stock:

• full lateral support;

• several types of operational electrified adjustments;

• ventilation and seat heating devices.

The travel conveniences of the spacious and welcoming rear sofa are limited by the reclining armrest and the ability to tilt the backrest. The excellent ergonomics of the cabin made it possible to keep the capacity of the 522-liter luggage compartment at the same level and the possibility of increasing its volume to 1,084 liters due to the simplified transformation of the second row seats.


In the new incarnation of the compact crossover Honda CR-V 2021, the external dimensions are formatted in nominal values ​​of 4586 x 1855 and 1689 mm, and the length of the chassis center distance of 2660 mm remained unchanged.

The novelty of the lineup is based on a modular platform, which has proven itself on the 10th version of the Civic branded model.

In the list of operational advantages of the chassis:

• fully independent multi-link rack-mount suspension;

• sets of long-stroke shock absorbers and transverse stabilizers;

• efficient disc brakes and active road safety systems.

Honda SR-B 2021.

Domestic motorists will be able to evaluate the starting, speed and consumption characteristics of the two power units.

The base model will receive a tandem of a petrol «aspirated» i-VTEC with parameters of 2 l / 150 hp / 190 Nm and a continuously variable variator.

The top-end configuration promises a more powerful 2.6-liter analogue, 186 hp / 244 Nm, guaranteeing the time to reach the first hundred of 10.2 seconds, a top speed of 190 km / h and a fuel consumption of 7.8 liters per 100 km of run in mixed mode.

The test drive did not reveal significant differences in the factory characteristics and the results obtained.

Options and prices

It is assumed that the new Honda CP-B 2021 model year will be available in four modifications typical of the previous generation.

Taking into account the engine power and additional options, the selling price will be formed in the range of 2.2-2.4 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

The upgraded compact crossover will arrive in the European and domestic markets with minimal time lag.

Perhaps the promised release date in Russia at the end of autumn will be implemented with a little advance.

Competing models

The list of rivals includes models of the same type in cost and purpose of the leading brands. The leading positions are occupied by Toyota RAV4, Subaru Outback 5, Skoda Kodiaq, Alfa Romeo Stelvio and BMW X1 models.

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