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Honda Vezel 2021.

Honda Vezel 2021.

Honda Vezel 2021.

Honda Vezel 2021: stylish, reliable and comfortable SUV.

The Japanese company «Honda» rarely updates its iconic models, but each such restyling significantly improves most of the consumer properties of the novelty.

This time it came to updating the worldwide popular crossover Honda Vezel 2021, better known as the Honda HR-V.

However, in the Japanese market, where the model will be sold, it is offered under the name «Vezel» and will be distinguished by a seriously improved appearance, solid interior decoration and decent engine compartment characteristics.

All this together is intended to distinguish the Japanese woman in the stream and to induce the buyer to make a choice in favor of a brand from the Land of the Rising Sun.


Judging by the photo, the car will become more rounded and almost lose its strict relief edges, visually increasing in size.

At the same time, the bulk of the new body parts will acquire a more sophisticated look, which will certainly appeal to the fairer sex and young drivers.

Most interesting of all, the Honda Wesel 2021 looks from the front. The front end is set not very high and has a medium length, but its width seems to be larger than it actually is thanks to the sloping windshield, slightly inclined and recessed in the center of the hood lid, as well as thin horizontal sipes that cover the main air intake cutout.

Honda Vezel 2021.

To the right and left of it flaunt the narrow strokes of modern LED headlights, connected at the top with a chrome bridge.

Immediately underneath all this begins a body kit made in the form of a small «bulge» of the bumper covering the trapezoid of the second air intake system, a horizontal platform for fog optics and a protective strip with a metal chrome insert at the very bottom.

The profile of the new model is made in a classic, slightly ponderous style. The streamlined roof shape is accentuated by the austere small windows with powerful dividing pillars.

Below, a smooth relief begins, turning into a powerful protective strip of black plastic, running along the side skirts and powerful wheel arches with stylish rims.

The appearance of this side of the body is complemented by curved two-tone mirrors of an interesting shape, as well as large front door handles and rear door handles recessed into the body pillars.

The rear of the SUV seems to be more raised due to a lightweight, graceful spoiler that covers a small slightly tilted glass, as well as the main part of the door with horizontal dimensions, connected at the top by an LED strip.

Honda Vezel 2021.

Below is a simple, but bright relief with stamping under the license plate, and immediately after it — a bumper made of strong black plastic with fog lights and an insert in body color at the very bottom. A discreet tailpipe is barely visible from under this massive structure.


The interior of the new 2021 Honda Wesel is also visibly rejuvenated. The interior has become sportier and more room for all riders.

Finishing materials remained the same: leather, high-quality plastic and metal inserts. And the multimedia system has acquired additional options that can please both the driver and passengers.

Control and management bodies

The center console looks very ergonomic. The thick rim and round center steering wheel has a large number of buttons and joysticks on the side spokes.

Honda Vezel 2021.

Immediately in front of it is a typical Honda dashboard with analogue speed and RPM sensors and a large on-board computer in the middle.

At the same level are the ventilation system deflectors, and the side ones have twists for individual adjustment of the air flow movement.

Closer to the center, on the dashboard, flaunts a widescreen flat display of the entertainment system, and a little lower — a block of keys for working with climate control.

Then the central tunnel begins, which consists of a massive technical unit in chrome edging with two rows of keys and a large gear selector, cup holders and storage compartment, as well as a powerful armrest with an additional glove compartment that has a cooling function.

Seats and luggage compartment

The car has five seats, and each one is fairly well profiled, contains medium-soft filler and is sheathed with a combination of good-quality fabric and leather.

The front seats are equipped with good lateral support, electronic position settings and heating, while in the back there is a heated sofa — but already optionally, with an armrest-table in the center and the ability to slightly tilt the seat back.

There is enough space for three medium-sized adult passengers.

The minimum trunk volume of the Japanese crossover has grown slightly and is now over 450 liters. And with the rear row of seats folded down, this figure can be more than tripled.

Honda Vezel 2021.


For the 2021 Honda Vezel, a 1.5-liter petrol turbo engine with 139 horsepower will be offered.

Top-end configurations of the car will receive a hybrid power unit with the same gasoline engine and two electric motors with a total capacity of 190 forces.

In the first case, a continuously variable variator will act as a transmission, but if we are talking about a hybrid, then a gearbox is not provided here. Both modifications can be purchased with both front and all-wheel drive.

As the test drive showed, the main ridge of the car will be the minimum fuel consumption, and its high-speed and off-road qualities will be studied in detail during the running-in period of new cars.

Options and prices

The price of the simplest of the three modifications of the car at home will be about 1.6 million rubles in terms of Russian money. All additional equipment is estimated at another 700 thousand units of the Russian currency.

Sales start in Russia

There is no reason to talk about the release date of the Japanese woman in Russia, since the company will leave the domestic market next year, 2022. But in Japan, the car should appear in the second quarter of this year, 2021.

Competing models

Among the main rivals of the car are Suzuki Vitara, Renault Captur and Hyundai Cretu.

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