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Hopium Machina 2026.

Hopium Machina 2026.

Hopium Machina 2026.

Hopium Machina: the hydrogen competitor of the Tesla Model S from France has entered the tests.

French hydrogen startup Hopium has shown a working prototype of its first model named Machina and announced that it is accepting orders for the first 1,000 units.

We first became acquainted with Hopium last October, when it announced its intention to save our planet from global warming with the help of hydrogen electric cars.

The company was founded by French racer and entrepreneur Olivier Lombard, a great enthusiast of hydrogen energy.

He also founded the Hydrogen Motive Company (HMC), which will produce hydrogen for Hopium electric cars using environmentally friendly energy sources — solar and wind.

The first model Hopium will be a sedan Machina, which last year existed only in the form of computer images, and now it is embodied in the «metal» and drives: during full-scale tests on the French circuit Lina-Monleri with profiled corners Machina prototype Alpha 0 managed to accelerate to 200 km / h during the test.

Hopium Machina 2026.

Not God knows what achievement, but the progress Hopium has made in a little over six months is impressive.

In addition, according to the German magazine auto motor und sport, production of the Machina will begin earlier than originally expected — in 2025, not 2026.

Hopium is already taking orders for the first batch of 1,000 Machina: you need to make a 410 euro prepayment for reservation, and the full price will start at 120,000 euros, that is, at the level of the top Tesla Model S Plaid, which now costs 129,990 euros in France.

Hopium Machina 2026.

From the consumer point of view, the only obvious advantage of the French car over the American one is the ability to refuel quickly: it will take only three minutes, provided, of course, that you can find a hydrogen filling station — there are only 25 such stations in France so far.

The technical specifications of the Hopium Machina are presented only in general terms: the power plant capacity — 500 hp, range on one fill-up — 1000 km, maximum speed — 230 km / h.

Hopium Machina 2026.

The picture of the platform shows that the electrochemical generator is located at the front.

The hydrogen is stored in two cylinders: the main one is located longitudinally in the center tunnel, and the second, small one, is located transversely above the rear axle. The ledge on the floor in front of the rear axle is a compact buffer battery.

The startup intends to unveil the final version of the Hopium Machina in the first quarter of next year — more detailed specifications are likely to be announced at the same time.

Hopium Machina 2026.

We should add that the hydrogen topic now occupies not only startups, but also many large car companies (BMW, GM, Great Wall, Honda, Hyundai, Jaguar Land Rover, Stellantis, Toyota).

Only Tesla and Volkswagen openly oppose hydrogen cars, calling them too complicated and unpromising.

Nevertheless, hydrogen seems to be the only way to electrify commercial vehicles, which drive hundreds or even thousands of kilometers every day and cannot spend hours at the socket.

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