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Hyundai Crete 2020.

Hyundai Crete 2020..

Hyundai Crete 2020.

Hyundai Crete 2020 — compact crossover update.
This car is known to many fans by a different name — Hyundai ix25. In the reporting year, engineers decided to save new items by making several updates and moving to a new generation of already known and popular versions.

Delivery to salons and price tag

The exhibition on April 16 in Shanghai presented many interesting new products, one of which is Crete’s SUV. The car should go to the stage of creation in the near future. The assembly factory in Beijing is responsible for the assembly. The start of sales has already been planned for the summer-fall of 2019.

It is noteworthy that the developers do not plan to be limited to the Asian market. There is much more appetite, this is also evidenced by the entry into the unusual, for Chinese cars, market in India at the beginning of 2020.
Our motorists will also have a pleasant surprise — the car will be officially sold in the Russian Federation, but sales will begin in early 2022.

Hyundai Crete 2020..

Design and body

The updated generation received not just cosmetic repairs. Engineers decided to completely redesign the model compared to the previous generation. Many motorists have already appreciated the external changes, dubbing them stylish and vibrant.

At first impressions, we can say that the engineers drew inspiration from other Hyundai models. In particular, the connection of the novelty with the older version — Santa Fe is clearly traced.

Also, many external elements were taken from the Palisade model, inherited from the Sonata sedan, which was the eighth generation of the famous series.

Changes have affected many components. The first thing that catches your eye is a large false radiator grille with a large mesh and a redesigned air exhaust system.

The update is fixed with the help of chrome elements, which made the car heavier and made it stronger and safer.

We worked hard on the main headlights, which received a complex design. They are located in two sections with LEDs, one of which included anti-fog elements.

Hyundai Crete 2020..

The bumper inserts are made of eco-friendly plastic. The lower part is decorated with pendants and stampings in the corporate style of Hyundai. The windshield is fixed using racks, which are made at a large slope and form a smooth transition into the roof.

Significantly increased in size wheel arches. For the side doors, a new window sill was specially designed, which is located much higher than that of the tribesman. Glass in the doors became smaller, and their shape changed.

The rear of the Hyundai Creta will delight the owner with a sealed door with plastic inserts. A spoiler stands out against its background, which turned out to be much more. The luggage door is complemented by stop signals and powerful stampings.

At the presentation, the developers kept silent about the dimensions of the car and its forged part, the dimensions of the wheel track remained in question. Many specifications are also classified.
However, when looking at the previous and current versions, we can conclude that the new product is much larger. At the presentation, they mentioned that the car will be available in five-seater and seven-seater versions.

Hyundai Crete 2020..


Looking at the salon it’s hard to believe that this is a budget version of the crossover from the Korean manufacturer, and not a premium version from the giants of the German automobile industry.

Creta 2019 model year acquired a high-quality skin and many interesting features. A huge touchscreen with a diagonal of 14 inches appeared on the control panel.

Moreover, the screen occupies almost the entire length of the center console, smoothly transitioning to the new first-row seat separation system. By the way, this concept was developed by the advanced Tesla company. In this regard, Korean developers went further, starting to borrow American technology.

A modern sound reproduction system is installed, depreciation indicators of the steering wheel are increased. Doors can be opened via a button, just as you can start a vehicle power plant. Hyundai front seats

Creta developers added an anatomical backrest for increased comfort.

Climate and cruise control systems, with automatic and manual modes and division into two zones. The driver is comfortable to drive and park using the all-round visibility system and the rear camera.

The number of features and electronic assistants in the new 2018-2019 Hyundai is really impressive. Each component is worked out to the smallest detail, which is unusual for the Korean manufacturer.

Hyundai Crete 2020..

Technical indicators

The manufacturer did not announce the exact information regarding the power plant. The most likely and preferred options are gasoline engines of their own production with a turbocharged system.

Possible options:

1.1.0 T GDI with a capacity of 120 horsepower and 180 Nm.

2. 1.4 T GDI, where the power indicator is 140 units and 195 Nm.
A 1.6 liter atmospheric installation with gasoline fuel is also possible. This motor was used in the previous generation of this series and it worked with the help of automatic transmission No. 6 or manual transmission No. 6.

It’s hard to talk about the power and strength indicators of the new product, but given the meticulousness of the other elements that were worked out, we can conclude that the Korean developer will clearly try to force the new car.

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