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Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

Hyundai, judging by the latest news, will soon present Grandeur of the new generation.

At the same time, it will not go on sale before the third quarter of 2023.

But despite the fact that the car has not yet debuted, it has already «exploded» the market.

The fact that the new Hyundai Grandeur 2024 the Korean company has received over 60 thousand pre-orders.

It is interesting that the manufacturer has not even declassified the exterior of the sedan.

And its design, according to South Korean media, was one of the reasons why the current generation Grandeur sells so poorly.

However, the exterior of the sedan, according to official information and pictures published earlier, will undergo extensive changes.

It is reported that the body of the new Grandeur will combine retro and futuristic elements.

Some exterior details for Korean model will be borrowed from the sedan of the first generation.

In particular, the front and rear parts of the body differ correct forms.

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

It is reported that the Grandeur will be significantly bigger after the change of generations: its length will reach five meters.

Together with this, buyers of Korean model will get several high-tech solutions.

Thus, rear seats can be completely folded back.

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

To control the transmission Hyundai will introduce a large selector in Grandeur, which the company uses in its electric cars.

But more interesting is that the sedan will be equipped with the so-called «magic» roof: it will be able to change transparency and block heat if necessary.

At least one of the versions of Korean model will have two separate seats on the second row with ventilation and electric drive.

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

It is declared that the new Grandeur will be equipped with 2.5-liter engine by default.

More expensive versions will have a 3.5-liter engine, one of which modification works on gas.

A hybrid Grandeur with a 1.6-liter turbo-engine at the heart will also enter the market. For extra charge all-wheel drive will be offered with sedan.

The new sedan was larger than the model of the previous generation — its wheelbase was stretched to 2,895 mm (+ 10), and overall length for the first time in history exceeded five meters and now is equal to 5,035 mm (+ 45 compared to its predecessor).

Hyundai Grandeur 2024.

Width and height of the vehicle are claimed to be 1,880 (+ 5) and 1,460 mm (- 10), respectively.

Trunk volume varies from version to version. On the gasoline four-door, it is 480 liters, and on the gas-powered — only 320 liters (due to the presence of a propane tank).

The base Hyundai Grandeur is equipped with 2.5-liter GDI four-cylinder atmospheric engine, which produces 198 hp (248 Nm).

Higher-end versions get a 3.5-liter V6 GDI, which replaces the old 3.3-liter V6.

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