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Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

Hyundai i20 N 2021: stylish hatchback with sporty ambitions.
For several years now, the South Korean brand Hyundai has been pursuing a policy aimed at expanding the consumer audience at the expense of young drivers who want to stand out in the stream.

Those will certainly like the 2021 Hyundai i20N, which has been tested and will go into mass production very soon.

Externally, the small hatch has a bold, striking design, a spacious and comfortable interior and stunning engine compartment characteristics that allow it to solve a little more tasks than competing cars.

At the same time, the new model will be very pragmatic, which will make it possible to use the car for business trips and travel.

Appearance Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

Even from the photo, you can determine that the appearance of the car will be one of its main trump cards.

Restyling has brought a modern, muscular body kit, new LED optics and embossed transitions. The look of the novelty as a whole cannot be called revolutionary, but it fits into modern fashion trends quite well.

Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

The front end of the new body looks stylish and sleek. It is set low, but visually appears to be very wide due to a large, strongly inclined windshield framed by two powerful struts.

Below, this design merges into a ribbed bonnet that slopes slightly forward and contains a raised center section.

The radiator grille of the car is made in the style of Hyundai and contains a recognizable black plastic hexagonal shape with a plate under the license plate and a chrome-plated brand badge.

Along the edges of this structure are adjoining cleverly squinted trapeziums of LED headlights with L-shaped strokes of daytime running lights.

The body kit Hyundai i20N 2021 is made in the form of the letter «X» with a strongly expanded central part and contains two large areas for foglights, connected by a gray strip, a narrow slot of the backup air intake and the thinnest protective layer at the very bottom.

Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

The car’s profile looks lean due to the powerful black framing of small windows, a combination of smooth and chopped relief, as well as massive mirrors with turn signal repeaters in any configuration.

It all ends with huge circular wheel arches with stylish discs and narrow sills with decorative overlays, which are also entrusted with the function of protecting against minor damage to the body.

At the rear, the hatchback looks very daring and stylish, despite its small size. The feed begins with a large spoiler with a stop light repeater in the center.

It will be painted in the color of the roof, but what is located below will be a different color. A small slanted glass in the back will get a decorative overlay at the bottom with the company logo in the middle.

Then there are the «stars» of the marker signals, connected by an elegant LED strip. And even lower you can find a simple relief on the fifth door, as well as just a huge body kit, consisting of two parts.

The upper is painted in body color and contains raised elements and narrow vertical slots along the edges to cool the rear brakes.

Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

The lower one, made of black plastic, boasts a license plate area, fog lights, and a metal insert with two round trunks of the exhaust system.

Salon Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

The interior of the new Hyundai i20N 2021 model year has adopted the best traditions of modern automotive fashion, but has retained the simplicity inherent in the brand and in some ways even sincerity.

High-quality plastics, fabrics, leather and metal inserts are used in the decoration. The seats are designed in a sporty style, and the entertainment complex will offer a solid set of options so as not to get bored on a long journey.

Front end decoration

The center console is fully consistent with the corporate spirit of Hyundai: these are all the same long horizontal vents, a large multimedia touchscreen display in the middle, as well as a recognizable climate control unit just below.

The dashboard has not changed much either, but the steering wheel, coupled with the metal pedals, gave the driver’s seat a sportier look.

As for the central tunnel, it is very straightforward: it starts with the technical part, led by an elegant gear selector, then goes into large cup holders and ends with an armrest with a cooled glove compartment inside.

Hyundai i20 N Line 2021.

Seats and luggage compartment

There are five seats in the car, but it will be more convenient for four people to move in it. The front seats are considered sporty and feature a signature red stitching, medium-soft filling, and most importantly, a very comfortable shape.

Of the additional options, it is worth noting electric position adjustment and heating. On the back seat, you can slightly tilt the backrest or fold out the center armrest.

The volume of the luggage compartment can be found out only after the test drive, however, it is already clear today that it will not be particularly large due to the small dimensions of the body.


For the Hyundai i20N 2021, a 1.2-liter aspirated gasoline engine with 84 power output and a liter turbo engine with a capacity of 100 or 120 «horses» have been prepared.

The first power unit will operate with a five-speed «handle», while the second one will have a seven-speed «robot».

The drive will always be to the front wheels only.
As shown by running tests, the car will be able to perfectly cope with driving around the city and the highway, while the declared average fuel consumption will be minimal: about six liters per hundred kilometers.

Options and prices

The exact price of the new item will be announced closer to the beginning of the release, but even now it is clear that it will come close to the mark of 2.3 million rubles for a complete set with the lowest-powered engine and mechanics.

The top will cost 150-200 thousand units of the Russian currency more.

Sales start in Russia

The car will begin to conquer the European autobahns in the first months of spring 2021. The release date in Russia is still unknown and will be announced, obviously, closer to the summer of this year.

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