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Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022: an electric crossover with a futuristic appearance.

The Korean company Hyundai is currently actively exploring new areas of the automotive market.

In order to take its place in the electric car market, the Ioniq sub-brand was introduced, the first brainchild of which will be the mid-size urban crossover Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

The name of the bright, ultra-modern model still retains the name of the parent brand, but also in appearance and interior decoration. and in terms of engine compartment characteristics, the novelty is noticeably different from other representatives of the brand.

There is no doubt that the car will be in demand in many countries of the world if the manufacturer asks for an adequate price for it, and the infrastructure necessary for electric transport is created.


It is very difficult to determine its true dimensions from the first photo of the car. Despite the fact that it seems like a small hatchback, in reality it is a rather large crossover in dimensions similar to the Toyota RAV4 or Nissan X-Trail.

This is due to the outlines of the body, as well as decorative elements that allow some fans of the brand with experience to see in the new product the restyling of the super popular several decades ago model «Pony».

It is easy to be convinced of the deceitfulness of these impressions by standing next to the car, the length of which confidently stepped over the mark of 4.6 meters!

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

The front of the Hyundai Ionic 5 2022 is set low, but it is quite long and wide. Under the sloping windshield, there is a smooth, slightly raised hood in the middle with a noticeable slope towards the road.

On it flaunts the nameplate of the company, leading the eye to the narrow and simple grille that covers the air intake slot.

Along the sides are evil rectangular headlights with U-shaped LED daytime running lights. Below, a complex body kit begins, consisting of aerodynamic stampings located at an angle to each other and a small trapezoidal insert at the very bottom.

The profile of the new body boasts a swift silhouette, modest large windows in black and plastic trim and large mirrors with turn signal repeater stripes in any configuration.

The relief here is very pretentious, it consists of a stroke in the form of the letter Z passing along the doors and rear fenders, positioning the plane of the sidewalls at an angle to each other.

At the bottom, a massive layer of light plastic over the sills and huge wheel arches that can accommodate size 20 discs with an ultra-modern pattern draws attention to itself.

The rear of the new model consists of a large, but visually light spoiler that covers the tilted glass, narrow LED lights combined in a strip, and a simple relief on the almost vertical door.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

The body kit is very similar to the front one and contains, in addition to stamping under the license plate, a small protective diffuser with slots for cooling the most important technical elements of the car located nearby.


The interior of the new Hyundai Ionic 5 2022 model year is very spacious due to the increased wheelbase, and the effect is enhanced by the flat floor.

Among the finishing materials are quite high-quality plastic and fabrics, and the manufacturers claim that the new product actively uses recyclable materials, which has a positive effect on the environment.

The car is distinguished by solid multimedia equipment and well-cut seats, which makes it possible to overcome even a long journey without much difficulty.

Control and management bodies

Directly in front of the driver is a convenient multifunction steering wheel with a transmission selector, and behind it are two 12-inch displays for the instrument cluster and entertainment center.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

The head-up display is located separately. Between all this equipment there are small air ducts, and below — a group of keys for controlling the climate system.

There is no traditional central tunnel in the car. All technical keys have been transferred to the dashboard, and between the driver and the front passenger there is only a small armrest with a cooled glove compartment and small cup holders, which can be moved forward or backward by 14 centimeters.

Seats and trunk

The cabin has five well-profiled seats with medium-soft filler. The front seats can be not only heated but also ventilated and can be folded back completely if necessary. And the rear row of seats shifts by almost 14 centimeters, increasing legroom or cargo area.

The luggage compartment volume exceeds 530 liters in the stowed state, and with the rear row folded down it is almost 1600 liters. In addition, a small bag or bag can be placed under the hood of the car.

And in the cabin, for the convenience of passengers, there is an outlet that can power most household electrical appliances.


For the Hyundai Ioniq 5 2022, four powerplant options are provided, developing the same top speed of 185 km / h. In the base, a 58 kWh battery and a 170-horsepower electric motor are installed on the car.

Hyundai Ionic 5 2022.

The more powerful version with this battery offers a total output of 238 «horses». A crossover with a 72.6 kWh battery will produce 218 or 306 forces. And the drive can be either rear-wheel drive or full.

As the test drive showed, the car will be able to cover at least 400 kilometers on a single charge, and the maximum performance is almost 100 kilometers more.

At the same time, the car is able to connect to different types of outlets and recover by 80% in less than half an hour.

Such indicators leave the novelty the opportunity to leave the city and feel confident in the metropolis.

Options and prices

In Europe and the United States, the car should appear in the near future, so the price of the novelty for the markets of the Old World has already been announced: approximately 41,000 euros, which, in terms of Russian money, is 3.7 million rubles.

All additional «bells and whistles» will increase the cost of the crossover by 8000 euros.

Sales start in Russia

The specific release date in Russia has not yet been announced, however, there is a possibility that this event will occur in late 2021 — early 2022.

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