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Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024. Hyundai will accelerate the market launch of its flagship Ioniq crossover.

The rush is dictated by the undying popularity of crossovers and SUVs in the market.

Hyundai has decided to speed up development of the flagship model of the electric Ioniq sub-brand — the big crossover Ioniq 7.

Previously it was assumed that it will debut no earlier than 2024, but, judging by the latest information from insiders, the car will release on the global market at the beginning of 2023.

The desire to quickly add to the lineup Ioniq large SUV dictated by the commercial success of this form factor, sources believe.

Hyundai has already shown flagship Ioniq 7, but so far only on the teaser and as a concept.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

In November last year, the Koreans brought to the Los Angeles Auto Show show car called Seven with swinging doors and futuristic «pixel» optics («Parametric Pixels») based on the firstborn of the line — the Ioniq 5.

The «seventh» concept car is based on the E-GMP architecture. Electric-Global Modular Platform), underlying electric novelties Hyundai and Kia.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

The wheelbase of the Ioniq 7 is 3.2 meters, which is about 30 centimeters more than the Hyundai Palisade.

The E-GMP platform supports charging capacity of 350 kilowatts.

It will be possible to charge the battery of the crossover from 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes, and the range of the «commercial» version, according to unconfirmed data, can exceed 600 kilometers.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

Previously serial crossover promised air suspension, third-level autopilot and a set of advanced electronic assistants.

Hyundai Ioniq 7 will be technically identical to the large crossover Kia — EV9, which spies have already photographed it during road tests.

Hyundai Ioniq electric sub-brand 7 2024.

The novelty with almost five meters distance from bumper to bumper will also see the light next year.

The EV9 show car also received doors that open counterclockwise, but it is already known that the production version will get the traditional ones: probably the same simplification awaits the Ioniq 7.

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