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Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020 — a new electric sedan or a copy of the petrol version of Lafesta.
The fact that most of the mastodons of the global industry have understood that the future of the market belongs to electric cars has long been known. This can be seen from the many prototypes presented that year, most of which should soon go into real production.

January 2020 has been significant for the Korean car industry as Hyundai launched its first all-electric sedan, the Lafesta EV. What will please Korean engineers in this field, we will consider below.


The petrol Lafesta came out early last year and showed excellent sales, so it’s not surprising that the electric platform began to be introduced with this model.

No special innovations should be expected here. Hyundai clearly tried to fit into the premium class, but with the most budgetary price tag. And in principle they did it, though due to the primitive technical part.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020

The electric sedan trolley will delight you with just one engine located on the front axle. The drive will also be in front only. The battery pack has traditionally been installed on the bottom.

The suspension completely repeats its gasoline counterpart — MacPherson and multi-link. Whether it was strengthened, given the increased weight, or not, it was not said.

Nevertheless, the lone motor performs well. Translated into the traditional measurement system — 184 hp. at 310 Hm. There is also information about equipping with a 204 hp electric train.

The dynamic characteristics were not discussed. But given the presence of traction only on the front axle, the «slippers on the floor» here will be many times weaker than the Model 3, and the maximum speed is only 165 km / h (according to some reports, even 150 km / h).

Now about the most important thing. The battery capacity in the 2020 Hyundai Lafesta EV will only feature 56.5 kWh. No additional blocks for elite trim levels are provided here yet. However, this is enough for everyday travel.

On a single charge, the NEDC measurements showed 490 km, but in fairness, if you look at the average statistical conditions of use, this figure will be at 350 km. Still an excellent result (considering the price).

Charging is also all right here. Most importantly, Lafesta is charged from an outlet. The time is really not short — 9.5 hours. But for private homeowners, this won’t be a problem. For the rest, there is an express mode for 40 minutes, which will restore the charge by 50%.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020

The filling of the electric sedan is not worse than the gasoline version:

6 pillows, 10-inch multimedia,
7-inch virtual tidy, 360-degree view,
smart cruise with collision avoidance system (provided for reversing as well),
multifunction, 2-zone climate, voice control,
LED optics, heated, ventilated and electric seats,
wireless charging and panoramic sunroof,
mandatory ABS and EBD.


The petrol model was originally created with a focus on young buyers. So with dynamics, powerful evil gaze and sporty notes, everything is in order here.

It is expected that the electric sedan will differ slightly from its counterpart. The radiator grill is, of course, not needed here, so a traditional shield was formed in its place. The lower architecture of the bumper was also tweaked, where a solid air intake was formed.
Sideways unchanged, the same compartment silhouette with a hint of a liftback. At the back, the only change is the lack of tailpipes.

Separately, it is worth noting a new enamel, which will be offered only for the train, called shimmering metallic. Also, Lafesta was shod in new alloy wheels with a swirl pattern.
In size, the sedan added a little.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020


Surprisingly, the electric version inside completely repeats its internal combustion engine. The only difference is the lack of a backstage box.
The rest of the cabin is frankly disappointing. At first glance, it is no better than the usual Solaris for 800 thousand.

Of course, there is leather trim, carbon fiber lining, but the torpedo itself does not demonstrate a distinct architecture.

There are a lot of plastic physical buttons, which, it would seem, have long ago sunk into the past even for internal combustion engines of cars, not to mention electric cars. There is a clear flaw from Hyundai.

Hyundai Lafesta EV 2020


Unlike Hyundai, the Chinese giants have already shown their electric sedans, with which, apparently, the new Lafesta will have to compete.
They will be Beijing EU7, Jili GE11 and GAC Aion S.

Price and start date of sales

The manufacturer has already announced the price tag. Let’s just say that the electric version of the sedan with recharging from the outlet for 1.60-1.78 million rubles in modern conditions is more than a bargain.

Of course, a gasoline analogue in the maximum configuration will cost 400 thousand cheaper, but given the demand for serial electric vehicles, the new product will definitely outshine its ICE counterpart. The exact date of entering the market is still unknown, as is the fate on the Russian market.

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