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Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022. : a brutal and practical crossover for the European market.

For several years now, the South Korean company Hyundai has been trying to improve sales and raise the popularity of its once best-selling Santa Fe model.

To this end, not so long ago, the Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022 was shown to the automotive public — a plug-in hybrid version of the crossover, which cannot reach its former level of sales.

Now the new model has every chance to rectify the situation thanks to its striking design, comfortable and practical interior and a rather interesting power plant.

The brand’s management hopes that after the restyling, the new product will be able to take away some of the buyers not only from its direct competitor, Kia Sorento, but also in a dispute with European automakers.


Already on the first photo of the electric «Santa Fe» one can understand that the differences in the appearance of this version of the car from the «civilian» will be minimal.

At the same time, the look of the crossover remains as balanced, stylish and cute as possible, thanks to the abundance of new relief, bright lighting equipment and air intake elements.

The most striking part of the Hyundai Santa Fe (Electro) 2022 is its muzzle.

It is not so high, but has a solid length and width. The strongly inclined large windshield organically flows into the hood lid inclined towards the roadway with a raised central part.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Immediately below it, the head optics sectors begin, «pierced» by T-shaped beams of daytime running lights. Inside the headlights themselves, you can find a nice LED filling that perfectly illuminates the road in any situation.

The radiator grille, which is located almost close to the headlights, has become a little larger and received a larger pattern in chrome color. Below it is complemented by a chrome-plated, slightly curved decorative strip.

Immediately underneath all this is a muscular body kit with a trapezoidal air intake organically included in it, a platform for a registration plate, as well as side slots for the flow of air to the brake system.

Underneath all this is a chrome lip, immediately under which you can see a narrow black plastic protective layer.

The sides of the new body look stylish and masculine thanks to the sloping roof, the daring shape of which is emphasized by the roof rails, painted with chrome paint.

The gaze then moves to large, austere chrome-framed windows and flowing relief against the chopped sill lines and large wheel arches with protective edging.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Other details include chrome stripes just above the sills, natural-grip door handles and exterior mirrors with turn signal repeaters, regardless of the trim level.

The rear of the car will receive a massive spoiler over a small, slightly sloping glass, a raised main part of the door with stamping under the number and large «stars» of the side lights, merging into a single whole with the help of a narrow LED strip.

Below you can find another such strip separating the upper part of the body kit from the black lower one, with a pseudo-air intake slot.

The body kit ends with a large protective insert, in which there was a place for a slot for a rectangular end of the exhaust system.


The interior of the new Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022 model year is distinguished by sturdy finishing materials: real leather, plastic, fabrics and aluminum plates.

And to improve the comfort when moving, slightly improved seats are designed, as well as an expanded list of options for the multimedia system.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Control and management bodies

The center console of the novelty came out very large, however, it contains not so many elements. When getting into the cabin, the driver is greeted by a comfortable three-spoke steering wheel with a large number of all kinds of switches on the side spokes.

The steering wheel practically does not hide the dashboard with virtual sensors, the set of which the driver can customize at his discretion.

Closer to the center is a large entertainment system tablet, immediately below it — several ventilation deflectors.

Then there is a high central tunnel, in the upper part of which there are climate control buttons and knobs, a “music” control unit and a technical part with transmission adjustment.

The tunnel ends with a nice organizer, a platform for charging the phone, cup holders and an armrest, the contents of which can be cooled.

Seats and trunk

The new Hyundai Santa Fe will receive five or seven seats, depending on the modification, and each seat is significantly improved over its predecessor generation.

They will be covered with fabric, have an ergonomic shape and contain soft filling.

Hyundai Santa Fe (electro) 2022.

Among the additional options, it is worth noting support from the sides, heated front row, as well as position adjustments using mechanical drives.

In addition, there is significantly more space in front of the seats.

As for the luggage compartment, it is ready to take over 630 liters of things in a combat position, and this figure is slightly higher than it was on the previous version of the SUV.


The heart of the Hyundai Santa Fe PHEV 2022 will be a 1.6-liter gasoline turbo engine and a 59-horsepower electric motor with a total output of 225 «horses».

In addition to this installation, there is a 13.8 kWh battery, which makes it possible to drive about 50 kilometers only on electric traction.

The total power reserve, as shown by a test drive, will exceed 700 kilometers.

The car’s gearbox is an uncontested automatic machine capable of operating in six modes, transferring forces to all wheels at once.

It is quite logical that such characteristics of the car will allow its owner to easily solve most of the tasks in the city, but on the off-road, despite the four-wheel drive, it is recommended to drive it off with caution.

Options and prices

Initially, the novelty will be available in two trim levels starting at 35 thousand US dollars.

The price of more advanced modifications will be about 2 thousand dollars higher.

Sales start in Russia

Despite the fact that the novelty may appear in the Old World by the end of 2021, the release date in Russia is still a big question: if this happens, it will not be earlier than the second half of next, 2022.

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