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Hyundai Santro 2018.

Hyundai Santro 2018.

Hyundai Santro 2018.

Сar models.

As you know, cars from South Korea are in constant demand and very popular on domestic roads. The 2018 season was no exception — engineers, technologists, designers of their far eastern country offered a novelty that is distinguished not only by bundling and prices, but also by numerous innovations. After all, every year more and more fans of the highest quality and technological innovations become owners of small cars manufactured in the mysterious East.

A few words about the car line.

It should be noted that the Automobile Fair in Beijing and the Shanghai Salon presented to the world a new version of the generation of a neat and economical SUV of the Santro series.

The novelty is destined first of all to conquer the roads of India and other countries of this region. In the new body, the buyer acquires a novelty, the basis for which is already virtually removed from production conveyors model from the Grand category, namely the Grand I10.

Hyundai Santro 2018.

What brought the famous model, which was launched on the market about ten years ago? The fate of the Hyundai Santro model, which was removed from production by the company’s top management in 2016, was greatly influenced by such a decision.

Due to the focus on satisfying the interests of consumers, manufacturers continue to develop and produce such a beloved lineup.


Hyundai Santro..

To date, the Hyundai Santro line of vehicles is in the process of development in South Korea, where production capacity is ideally suited for the production of a large series of cars.

A little more than half a century has passed since the company was founded, and the main principle of its activity — new thinking leads to new opportunities, became the basis for consumer interest.

And it became a fundamental moment when the release date of the next model is eagerly awaited by fans of small cars all over the world.

Most recently, in the mid-seventies of the last century, the first model was released — Pony, which was the result of the fruitful work of South Korea’s engineers and designers in the US, Britain and Japan.

And now the car market of our days is getting more and more often completely unpredictable in the engineering plan for new models. For example, the beginning of sales in Russia of the Santro line of the new formation is a very expected event.


Hyundai Santro...


Aesthetics and appearance.

It should be noted that this model is a real veteran of the market, and with slight changes has been known since the end of the last century. Despite the fact that the model is well known, reviews about it are in most cases positive, there is some note of intrigue about the novelty. Nevertheless, the return from non-existence took place, and thanks to the opinion of consumers, a new hatchback appeared on the market, which went through several stages of improvement.

On the photos available in the network, the results of the restyling are clearly visible, thanks to which the appearance, the aerodynamics, the overall dimensions and the geometry of the outlines of the new ergonometric car changed. Concerning the sizes of the offer of 2018 model year it is possible to say the following:

The length of the body is 349, 50 cm
Width — 150, 00 cm
The height of the body is not more than 162, 00 cm
Capacity of a luggage carrier — 108, 40 l
Model line — 5 doors


Hyundai Santro.

Hyundai Santro 2018.

Thanks to the small bonnet cover and the relatively large overhang of the belt line, the aerodynamic performance has increased, the sail is reduced at high speeds, a relatively small car has become stable on the road.

In turn, inside the salon there have also been significant changes. Novelty can boast of many modern highlights. Existing spy photos confirm that the model has received interior trim with modern highly hygienic materials, which are easy and easy to sanitize. Besides:

The rear view is provided with mirrors and moldings of stylish dark color; Simple and at the same time stylish interior design;
The updated Santro hatchback received many modern navigation options and increased safety.

The test drive showed the unique qualities of the anti-lock braking system, power steering, high-quality multimedia system with an impressive display, electric windows and computer parking.


Hyundai Santro....

Power point.

South Korean manufacturers of concern Hyundai are going to offer the creation in the international car market in the autumn of 2018. The latest news from the manufacturer — the model is available in two engine versions.

Series iRDE 1, 1 liter, MCP 5 ranges;
Series Sarra 1, 2 liters, MCP 5, AMT transmission.


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