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Hyundai Sonata 2022.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

Hyundai Sonata 2022: sedan coupe with premium design elements.

The eighth-generation front-drive business sedan of the Hyundai Sonata 2022 is positioned by the South Korean auto industry as a four-door luxury coupe.

The new model with its expressive and dynamic design and advanced engine range characteristics is preliminarily oriented to the wishes of the financially well-off representatives of the driving community.

The upgraded 2022 Sonata offers a modern interior, comfortable seating and a level of road and operational safety that is appropriate for the price segment for relatively little money.


In terms of construction, the sedan four-door moved to a new platform, got increased body dimensions; restyling also allowed to implement the original design and layout solutions in the interior.

Brand specialists managed to combine features of traditional brand style with expressiveness, practicality and notes of sporty aggression.

On the photo in different projections, the novelty of the model range is visually perceived expressively, stylishly and by all parameters — presentable.

The business sedan is identified in the frontal, the brightest perspective:

by the wedge-shaped configuration and stepped relief of the sides of the hood;
Angular perimeter of the multifunctional front optics;
The octagonal radiator grille decorated with the brand logo and crossbar.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

On the lower floor of the front, the eighth generation coupe-sedan demonstrates a set of air diffusers and a compact format of the air intake grid.

The minimal amount of decorative chrome compensates for the harmonious proportion of wave and dynamic stepped elements.

When viewed from the side, the new body attracts attention with its low, sporty stance, elongated engine compartment, sloping dome roof and short stern. A positive visual perception is also formed:

arched glazing with black posts and sills rising to the rear;
black gloss side mirror housings;
a nominal set of wave and stepped reliefs.

Sidewall entourage also includes correct wheel arch geometry and an exclusive black and white 16-inch rim design.

The rear body design generates a direct association with the appearance of premium sports cars.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

There are: a wide black perimeter of the small-size window, the clearance lamps connected by a narrow LED lintel, the decorative and functional spoiler ledge, the logo and the embossed «Sonata» inscription on the luggage compartment lid.

The wide and massive body kit includes fog lights, a platform for installing a license plate and a twin pair of large-caliber exhaust pipes.

At the presentation, the new version of the business sedan, the Hyundai Sonata 2022, received a lot of positive feedback and comments from motorists of different age categories.


The quality of interior trim, ergonomics of controls and seating profiling, as well as innovative characteristics of electronic equipment, the post-restyled four-door favourably differs from equal in classification Euro-Asian counterparts.

Free from the spokes upper segment supplemented with command buttons multirule opens up an excellent view of the digital 12-inch instrument panel with informative monitor on-board computer.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

Torpedo equipment is represented by 10.5-inch diagonal media display, two air diffusers, remote control with mechanical activators and adjusting elements of the complete set of options.

Business status of the sedan is fully consistent with the equipment of the tunnel, with a switch running modes, cup holders, organizers, and combined with the volume of the armrest mini-refrigerator.

Crossover pilot seats are equipped with side support, ventilation and adjustable heating circuit, electrified settings of working positions.

The more modest seating and travel service of the spacious and comfortable three-seat sofa offers a folding armrest, backrest tilt and activation ports for external digital gadgets.

Typical for a coupe sedan, the 510-liter trunk volume, due to the simplified stacking of the rear seats, can be used to transport long goods.


The layout and structural features of the new sedan version with body dimensions of 4,900 x 1,860 and 1,465 mm include front-wheel drive platform, running gear with interaxle base of 2,840 mm and ground clearance of 155 mm.

In the eighth generation Hyundai Sonata 2022 offers an optimal combination of combined, rack-mounted Macpherson and multi-linkage suspension.

Hyundai Sonata 2022.

The effective interaction between the brakes, stabilizers and electronically controlled safety systems has been confirmed.

The sedan model in the basic variant is driven by a tandem of a two-liter petrol «four» (150 hp / 192 N-m) and a six-band automatic transmission.

Dynamic speed and traction characteristics of the 2.5-liter engine for top versions provide an output of 180 hp and peak traction of 232 N-m.

Test drive showed acceleration to a hundred 10.6 and 9.2 seconds, the «maximum speed» — 200 and 210 km/h, fuel consumption in the range of 6.9-7.2 liters.

Features and Prices

In the Russian Federation, the new Hyundai Sonata 2022 model year is promised in six different cost and level of comfort modifications.

Depending on the composition of the standard equipment, the price will range from 1.7 to 2.3 million Russian rubles.

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