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Infiniti QX70 2016

Infiniti QX70 2016

Infiniti QX70 2016: strength and elegance.

In the new Infiniti QX70 legendary Japanese corporation combined time-tested tradition FX35 and FX50 with a fundamentally new design. In the future features of the crossover are planning to move to other models of the series, but this is still far away. In the meantime, we will try in the QX, and see what there is. The new model — a kind of sport «zinger» with great power potential and impressive speed performance.


For Infiniti QX70 Japanese have provided three engine options, each of which is connected to a seven-speed automatic transmission. The base engine is a 3-liter diesel engine capacity of 238 «horses», which uses 7.8-11.2 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers. The second motor is more impressive: the 3.7-liter petrol engine with 333 hp and fuel consumption of 9.4-17.1 liters.

For fans of the hardcore who prefer maximum dynamics and acceleration at the level of a small space shuttle, provided the top-end version with a volume of 5 liters.

This V-shaped petrol engine, too, is equipped with 32 valves and boasts a capacity of 400 «horses». Four-wheel drive (AWD) is available on all three trim levels. According to developers, at 2000 rpm. / Min. Rod pushes the driver’s seat in the new crossover. Well, that sounds promising.


What changed?

Externally, the car is much like its predecessors, but to call it just a modified version can not. Body Crossover made of hardened sheet metal with excellent strength parameters, while in the exterior design is commonly used carbon. This suggests a significant reduction in vehicle weight, and thus — to reduce the fuel consumption and increasing the speed limit on the highway.

It looks traditionally QX70 models Infiniti — luxury and sport, but at the same time solid and presentable. If we talk about radical changes, especially conspicuous following details:

The form has changed the chrome grille, which creates a uniform composition with excellent optics and Xenon even more increased in the amount of windshield.

Quite otherwise look fog lights and LED taillights.
Wings (both front and rear) are painted in the same color as the housing, and all windows are framed in a metal plating.

Car silhouette stretched due to the front, and the roof became more sloping.
On QX70 installed 20-inch alloy wheels and a rear-view camera.


What’s in the cabin?

Inside the new Infiniti QX70 year it will be much more spacious. The designers took into account the imperfections of the previous versions, the interior of which could not boast of large dimensions. The car is designed for 5 seats and looks luxurious: the design used in leather, aluminum, precious wood and high-quality plastic. Inserts a lot of natural wood: they are located on the console and door panels. Very convenient to make the chair, who now have excellent ergonomics.

The seats are made in sporty style and equipped with ventilation, heating and cooling. The driver’s seat is equipped with a convenient adjustment system. The instrument panel is simple and concise, and the center console has become much more. On-board computer screen has a diagonal of 9 inches. In addition, the cabin is mounted Bluetooth, mobile phone, satellite radio SiriusXM, climate control and security systems. Three-spoke steering wheel is equipped with a good hydraulic system, and the volume of the luggage compartment is 700 liters.


Infiniti QX70 will be available in five trim levels:

Elegance. Basic equipment. In this embodiment, the vehicle is equipped with a diesel engine. Cost — 2,863,000.
Premium. Components with a gasoline engine 3.7. Price — 2,879,000.
Sport 3.7. This version differs from the Premium additional technical equipment and price of 3,067,500 rubles.
Hi-Tech 3.7. Slightly more technological, but in general, the differences from the previous version are minimal. Price — 3,265,500.
Hi-Tech 5.0. The top grade, which will cost 3.905 million rubles.

What else can be said about the Infiniti QX70?

Of course, this car belongs to the premium class — all in the tradition of Infiniti. This is a luxurious, powerful and very glamorous crossover. However, it is not universal: although the «Infinity» is theoretically designed for movement on the road, as a full-fledged SUV it is better not to use. It is already clear that the road surface roughness new model will take painful.

Not without its other shortcomings. For example, the sound insulation in the QX70 so yourself — enjoy the absolute silence during the trip does not turn out. The price can not be called low, and in any configuration. The cost of the service, of course, is high, but it’s «Infinity.» But high fuel consumption — it is unpleasant.

Bargaining chips Infiniti QX70 — reliability and safety, because these parameters are the creators of the model put in priority. Several cars futuristic appearance can scare off some drivers, but it definitely makes an impression. In short, QX70 — it’s not bad thought in technical terms, cute and powerful car, which can be considered a worthy representative of his class.

Video test drive Infiniti QX70


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