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Infiniti QX80 2025.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

Now Infiniti is working on bringing to market a new generation of the QX80 SUV.

This model will be a direct competitor for the luxurious Cadillac Escalade.

Spy shots of the new Infiniti QX80 2025 have already appeared on the Web, on the basis of which independent designers have created renderings of the future model.

It is expected that the exterior of the car will be made in the style of the QX80 Monograph concept car, which was shown to the public back in 2017.

The novelty will be driven by a hybrid system consisting of a 3.5-liter twin-turbo engine and a 48-volt electric suspension.

In total, they will be able to generate up to 400 hp. power. In tandem with this unit, a 9-speed “automatic” will work.

In addition, some experts expect the appearance of an all-electric version of the Japanese model, which will be equipped with a 100 kW / h battery.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

The power reserve will be up to three hundred miles. A digital instrument panel and a 12.0-inch multimedia complex touchpad should appear in the car’s cockpit.

The list of equipment of the car will include a block for wireless charging of mobile devices, a semi-autonomous control system of the second level, connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

The novelty will retain the proportions of the current QX80; at first glance, the camouflaged SUV even seems to be only a deeply redesigned current model.

At the front, a larger grille, combined with high horizontal headlights, attracts attention.

Judging by the spy photos, Infiniti decided to follow modern fashion and make the front optics “two-story” — LED running lights will be placed in the upper part, and the main headlight units will be built into the bumper.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

The front fenders will have differently designed air ducts with diagonal crossbars, and I will make the door handles retractable.

One of the most noticeable differences of the new SUV is the design of the side glazing with hidden rear pillars, a similar solution was previously used on the new QX60 crossover.

The window sill line will be slightly curved in the rear of the body, and the lower border of the rear window, on the contrary, will be straight.

Also, the novelty will be easy to distinguish from its predecessor due to the lights, made in the style of the same QX60, and the license plate niche that has moved to the bumper.

Infiniti QX80 2025.

The current QX80 is built on a common platform with the Nissan Patrol SUV (Y62).

It is offered with a single power unit — a 5.6-liter naturally aspirated V8 with 405 hp. (560 Nm) paired with a 7-speed «automatic».

The SUV can be either rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a reduction gear in the transfer case.

There is practically no information about the technical features of the new model yet, only the appearance of a new turbocharged V6 engine is expected.

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