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JAC S7 2022.

JAC S7 2022.

JAC S7 2022.

JAC S7 2022: Chinese SUV with a modern look and rich filling.
The updated Chinese SUV «Jack» has become one of the few cars, the presentation of which took place with the obvious interest of the automotive community.

Despite the controversial design, the 2022 JAC S7 has received a large number of positive responses and enters the assembly line with initially good prospects.

The new model tries on the status of the flagship of the lineup, largely copying the classics of the genre from Hyundai — Santa Fe.

The seven-seater Chinese can be considered as a restyling of an outstanding Korean with the addition of a national flavor, which manifests itself most vividly in its appearance.

The interior, as well as the engine compartment, should change quite a lot. Taken together, all this ensures the remarkableness of the car in the stream, as well as the relative reliability and safety of its operation.


The front of the car, judging by the photo, looks the most interesting. She is set quite high and wide. Under a large windshield is a slightly tilted bonnet with wavy longitudinal transitions.

JAC S7 2022.

Below there are stylish halogen or xenon, depending on the configuration, headlights. Between them is a strict semi-perimeter of the radiator grille in a chrome frame.

The bumper of the novelty will receive two triangular fog lights, an air intake slot, and a powerful protective panel at the very bottom.

The richer versions will receive a more prominent bumper with a pronounced «musculature» and a slightly modified location of the auxiliary lighting.

In profile, the new body is distinguished by large angles of inclination of the hood and A-pillar, as well as chrome rails on the rounded roof.

Below is a teardrop-shaped figure of austere windows with chrome edging and matte pillars, complemented by austere mirrors, small door handles and an interesting stepped-wavy relief.

This part of the body ends with a plastic skirt that combines decorative and protective functions, as well as enlarged circular wheel arches with bright branded discs inside.

At the back, the crossover is very reminiscent of its classmates from Europe and Asia. So, the feed begins with a large spoiler visor, reinforced with side struts.

Then there is a rather large rounded glass, passing into the main part of the tailgate with the brand logo, large side lights and relief, including stamping under the number plate.

JAC S7 2022.

The body kit looks quite voluminous and includes fog lights, as well as a plastic-metal body kit with slots for the completion of the exhaust system.


An excellent seven-seater salon with high-quality finishing materials has been prepared for the novelty. So, the new JAC S7 2022 model year will receive good-quality fabrics and eco-leather, two types of plastic and even metal inserts.

The multimedia equipment and seats have also improved somewhat, in which even long distances are now covered without any particular inconvenience.

Control and management bodies

One of the most important elements of the center console is the instrument panel with analog sensors, which has passed from the previous generation, between which a very informative on-board computer is located.

JAC S7 2022.

Closer to the center flaunts a widescreen multimedia display, as well as several ventilation vents. The steering wheel with a plump rim and a large number of physical buttons on the side spokes is also quite interesting here.

In the middle part of the dashboard, you can also find two rows of buttons that allow you to activate the air conditioning system, as well as work with other salon options.

The central tunnel, which begins just below it all, contains a technical platform with a transmission selector, several pockets for things, and an armrest, in the depths of which there is an additional luggage compartment with a cooling function.

Seats and trunk

The car can be either five or seven. The front row seats are well profiled, sheathed with good-quality materials, but rather tough.

At the same time, they contain many interesting elements: head restraints, side bolsters, electric adjustment drives and heating — but only in top versions.

The second and third row boasts fewer functions: this is just the ability to slightly adjust the backrest tilt, fold the armrest on the sofa, and the ability to increase the luggage compartment space from 480 liters to 950 and even 1360 — if both rear rows are folded.

JAC S7 2022.


The updated JAC S7 in 2022 will receive slightly larger dimensions than before: 4.79 meters in length, 1.9 in width and 1.76 in height.

At the same time, a clearance of 19.5 centimeters will allow the new product to easily cope with various road obstacles.

The car will be equipped with either a 1.6 turbocharged petrol four and 175 horsepower, or a two-liter engine, the characteristics of which are more interesting: 190 horses already.

At the same time, a clearance of 19.5 centimeters will allow the new product to easily cope with various road obstacles.

The car will be equipped with either a 1.6 turbocharged petrol four and 175 horsepower, or a two-liter engine, the characteristics of which are more interesting: 190 horses already.

At the same time, all cars will be equipped with a front-wheel drive system and a six-speed manual transmission.

As the test drive showed, the car can easily cope with difficulties in the city and on the highway, but the exit from the asphalt is contraindicated for it.

Options and prices

The cost of the initial version of the car will be close to 1.2 million rubles. The price of the most sophisticated versions will be about 500 thousand more units of the domestic currency.

Sales start in Russia

In the Celestial Empire, the car went on free sale last fall. Regarding the release date in Russia, it can be assumed that the new JAC S7 will appear on the domestic market in early 2022.

Competing models

For the buyer’s wallet, an inexpensive Chinese crossover will fight with Renault Duster, Nissan Qashqai, and Hyundai Crete.

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