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Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021: compact thoroughbred crossover with sophisticated looks.
This year the British company Jaguar decided to carry out a total restyling of all its models. The most compact urban crossover called «E-Pace» did not go unnoticed by designers and engineers.

He replaced the old «cart» with a more modern PTA, got new motors, among which there will be hybrid ones, and noticeably refreshed the interior.

At the same time, the 2021 Jaguar E-Pace retained its recognizable appearance almost unchanged, and the price of the new item will not grow much.

All this together should allow the model to maintain consumer demand, and in some parts of the world — to increase it.


Fundamental updates to the appearance of the new model should not be expected. As you can see from the photo, the lighting elements have been slightly updated and the radiator grille and body kits have been slightly transformed.

The decorations on the front fenders have become somewhat different, and the total number of decorative elements on the body has increased.

The bright «face» of the Jaguar E-Pace 2021 looks brighter than the rest of the parts, despite its compact size.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

At the same time, the front end is set quite high and begins with a sloping windshield providing excellent visibility. Even in the initial configuration, you can find innovative LED headlights with the latest generation of daytime running lights.

The high-end versions boast a light beam adjustment feature that prevents oncoming drivers from dazzling. The head lighting technology is supplemented with dynamic turn signal indicators.

The small, raised bonnet is raised slightly in the center and tilted at the front. Immediately in front of it is a large oval grille, finished in black matte pattern and a recognizable large brand badge in the middle.

The body kit configuration assumes the presence of muscular relief transitions into which the stamping for the license plate is organically inscribed, two pentagonal slots on the sides, the grilles of which are made in the same style with the main air intake plug, as well as a large trapezoidal air intake.

The design of the body kit is completed with a powerful protective insert in the center.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

The profile of the new body begins with a sloping teardrop roof, the shape of which is repeated by small windows. They have narrow dividing posts and an equally narrow black edging.

Below, a rounded relief begins, which greatly expands the car to the bottom and rests against strict wheel arches and sills with a protective plastic layer at the very bottom.

The look is complemented by huge wheels with a signature pattern, large mirrors with stylish feet and elegant plastic inserts behind the front wheels.

The rear projection of the car is distinguished by a small, strongly tilted glass and a massive, with side supports, a visor above it.

The rear part of the roof is crowned with a nice «shark fin», and from other elements it is worth noting the side lights with dynamic turn signals stretched in the horizontal plane, a modest relief on the main part of the fifth door, as well as a blown body kit with embossed transitions and a large black-plastic insert below, on which found a place for foglights, chrome exhaust pipes and a rather large diffuser in the center.


In the cabin of the new Jaguar E-Pace 2021 model year, higher quality materials than before, as well as solid multimedia capabilities, immediately manifest themselves.

Seating places can also be a reason for the pride of engineers, since now even a long journey in them will seem easier and more enjoyable.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.

Control and management bodies

The center console has become visually a little larger, thanks to the inclusion of an 11-inch multimedia touchscreen. On top of it there is a series of air ducts, a little to the right is a “smoothed” glove compartment, and below there is a climate system control unit.

Then the central tunnel begins, where you can find an interesting technical panel with sockets for connecting external storage media and charging the phone, as well as an elegant box selector, immediately behind which an organizer and a stylish armrest with a cooled glove compartment begin.

The steering wheel in the car deserves special attention: it has become a little «denser», more elegant, and three spokes depart from the branded round center of the center, and the side spokes are actually replete with buttons and joysticks.

Right behind the wheel, you can find a digital dashboard that can be easily adjusted to the driver’s current needs.

Seats and trunk

The car will still have five seats, but the front seats will be updated with a new profile and branded embossing in the headrest area.

The materials for finishing the seats can be called premium, and their quality has improved significantly compared to the previous generation.

A very comfortable three-seater sofa will remain behind, on which there may not be enough space for three tall passengers.

But the folding armrest and an abundance of additional options are able to provide the maximum level of comfort for two riders.

As for the luggage compartment, it cannot be called large, however, several packages or sports bags will fit here without problems, which means that the car can be recognized as a universal urban SUV.

Jaguar E-Pace 2021.


For the 2021 Jaguar E-Pace, a large number of 48-volt hybrid power plants are prepared. A two-liter diesel engine will be able to show 163 or 205 «horses».

The initial version can be combined with a six-speed stick and front-wheel drive, as well as a nine-speed automatic and four-wheel drive. But a more powerful motor will work only with an automatic machine and four-wheel drive.

The characteristics of gasoline engines are also very interesting. A three-cylinder apparatus with a volume of one and a half liters will show 150 forces, will work in tandem with an 8-speed automatic transmission and transfer forces only to the front wheels.

Two-liter four-cylinder units will give out 200, 249 or 300 forces. They will be paired with an automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

The electric version of the car with a total output of 309 forces will show the greatest performance. According to the test drive, such a car will accelerate to a hundred in less than 7 seconds, and fuel consumption will exceed three liters per hundred kilometers.

Options and prices

In the domestic market, the simplest complete set of new items will start at 3.45 million rubles in terms of Russian money. All additional options will be valued at approximately 1 million units of the Russian currency.

Sales start in Russia

In Europe, the new product will be available this year. As for the release date in Russia, it is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Competing models

The main competitors for the buyer’s wallet are Volvo XC 40, Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA class, as well as BMW X1.

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