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Jaguar F-Pace 2016


Jaguar F-Pace 2016

Jaguar F-Pace Another key innovation crossover market in 2016 from the UK can be called the new Jaguar F-Pace — relatively compact premium crossover segment.

As in the case of Bentley’s product, F-Pace — the first experience in the production of Jaguar crossover, and I must say, very good. In fact, the debut of the car in a completely new market segment, the company celebrated the 80th anniversary of its existence. Video — Jaguar F-Pace 2016 Frankfurt Motor Show:

The basis of the Jaguar F-Pace put the platform iQ [Al], already used for the compact sedan XE. Its feature is the modular architecture, thanks to which it can be used for the design of cars of different classes and the target destination. The use of light alloys make it possible crossover Jaguar F-Pace is very easy: its mass depending on the version is from 1665 to 1861 kilograms.

Moreover aluminum components in the suspension system and body 80 per cent of the total material, and a fifth door, for example, generally made of lightweight composite.


I must say that the class of the compact SUV Jaguar F-Pace can be attributed only conditionally. Machine length is 4731 millimeters, and the wheelbase — 2874 millimeters. These characteristics guarantee high vehicle capacity, which exceeds the data of major competitors — Mercedes-Benz GLC and Porsche Macan. It is very pleasing clearance Jaguar F-Pace, which is 213 millimeters. For this indicator, the car demonstrates the truly outstanding performance and has a decent level of patency, despite the exquisite design, characteristic of the car brands Jaguar and an appropriate level of comfort.



Jaguar F-Pace 2016

I must say that buyers in Europe Jaguar F-Pace can choose two types of transmissions — a traditional four-wheel drive and more «budget» modification with rear wheel drive. However, Russian automobile is presented solely for the all-wheel drive version. However, the range of engines for the Russian and European markets will be the same. The basic (and most economical) engine for Jaguar F-Pace was the two-liter turbo diesel Ingenium series engine with 180 horsepower and a torque of 430 Nyutonmetrov.

The vehicle in this embodiment is equipped with a manual transmission with six stages and can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 8.9 seconds.

The consumption of diesel fuel in the combined drive mode for the version with rear wheel drive (again, that only four-wheel drive versions are available in Russian) is only 4.9 liters per hundred kilometers. In our country, this powertrain will be offered by «just above the base» — with automatic transmission, so that the versions «on a stick» in our country will not.


In addition to this four-cylinder engine for the 2016 model year crossover is available much more powerful trehsotsilnyh three-liter diesel engine with six cylinders, turbo and automatic transmission. In this version of the Jaguar F-Pace accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.2 seconds, while fuel consumption is about 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Also, the car can be equipped with a gasoline 340 hp six-cylinder engine capacity to three liters. With him the first acceleration to «hundreds» took 5.8 seconds. Also available is a more powerful version of the car with the same engine under the name First Edition, which is more powerful than the standard crossover by 40 horsepower and acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour takes 5.5 seconds.

Regardless of the type of power unit top speed is limited electronically at around 250 kilometers per hour. An interesting fact is that depending on the market size varies luggage Jaguar F-Pace. This is due to the fact that European cars are equipped with repair kit for tires, despite the fact that crossovers offered in Russia are «dokatku».

In this regard, the amount of luggage «European» Jaguar is 650 liters, and the «Russian» — 508 liters. This folded-backed rear row of seats Luggage compartment volume of up to an impressive 1598 liters. By the way, the rear seats can be folded, not only in the proportion of 40:20:40, but also have an adjustable backrest inclination, which contributes to the comfort of the rear passengers.



Jaguar F-Pace 2016

It deserves a separate discussion and design of all-wheel drive powertrain Jaguar F-Pace. As we have said, the basic version has rear-wheel drive crossover. All-wheel drive version with a clutch, which is in the normal drive mode, the track also transmits 100 percent of torque to the rear axle, ie the classic rear-wheel drive crossover demonstrates habits on the road. In the case of wheel slip clutch connects the front axle, dividing torque 50:50.

In this clutch actuation speed is only 165 ms, that is, the driver does not even notice when the car will be all-wheel drive. Control processor, «the head of» coupling allows for a wide range of parameters, which, in addition to wheel slip, enter the angle of rotation of the vehicle about the vertical axis, the steering wheel angle, vehicle acceleration, etc.

De facto, the transmission is able to assist the driver in a variety of conditions, including the movement on a slope. In addition, the driver is able to choose the preset modes drive using Configurable Dynamics system, which works in conjunction with protivozanosnoy crossover system.

Jaguar F-Pace, it’s only natural for the 2016 model year crossover, otnosyayaschegosya to the premium segment of the market, a fantastic interior decoration and all the modern comfort and safety systems. High-quality leather trim is available in the basic version of Pure, as well as a modern multimedia system with the ability to integrate with smartphone and router function Wi-Fi. Saloon car in its architecture designed in the spirit of the passenger models of the company.

Jaguar F-Pace 2016

In this expensive version of the crossover equipped with modern systems of traffic safety, including stereoscopic camera that tracks the markings, road signs and pedestrian movement. The information received by the system, is displayed on the laser projection display a special design, which is well read in any lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

To describe the whole range of options available for the Jaguar F-Pace, and a list of basic equipment does not make sense — there are all the things without which we can not imagine a modern premium vehicle. However, an interesting nuance is to dwell. It is a system Keyless Access Activity Key car, where the role of key tags used … wrist bracelet having waterproof and shockproof performance!

It does not require batteries and can be used without a key. In practice, the convenience of such a decision can not be overestimated, and, in particular, on the beach or fishing. The driver can simply leave the key inside the car keys, locked the door, and after swimming or fishing quietly open the car by bringing the band to the letter «J», located on the fifth door of the car in «Jaguar» title. By the way, the fifth door is motorized in the basic version, and you can activate it using the kinetic sensor placed under the rear bumper.

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