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Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021: a premium crossover with real off-road potential.
The crossover from Britain Jaguar F-Pace 2021 enters the premium SUV market. The exterior design of the novelty demonstrates elements of a pronounced aggressive style, the exclusive interior design, as well as the perfection of high-tech technical and electronic equipment, have been the subject of numerous comments.

The SUV in the crossover configuration, which has received a planned restyling, differs from its predecessor in the body design, modified in small details, a number of original technical solutions, and improved traction and consumption parameters of the power tandem components.

The new model of the branded range meets the needs of the driving contingent, who prefers a dynamic driving style, as well as high standards of interior comfort combined with high off-road functionality.


Most of the external aggression is concentrated in the design of the front side of the case. In stock:

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

• narrow glossy perimeter of the panoramic windshield;

• ribbed profiles converging to the leading edge and a steep aerodynamic slope of the hood;

• rounded corners of the coarse-mesh radiator lining;

• compact boomerangs DRL LED frontal optics.

The lower part of the massive front end is equipped with a ribbed bumper profile, large-format ventilation diffusers and a trapezoidal air intake grille.

Exterior decor is represented by chrome-plated brand logo, side diffuser frames, body kit and details of sport-aggressive stepped relief.

In side projection, the 2021 Jaguar F-Pace draws attention:

• a gentle slope of the roof extended by the spoiler;

• expressive contrast between silver edging and glossy black trim of three-piece windows;

• oval configuration of stylish mirrors and impeccable geometry of large wheel arches.

Sidewall décor is presented with a small amount of ribbed relief, silver sill plates and interesting branding of titanium 20-inch wheels.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

In the photo from the rear, the premium crossover of the new generation is identified by the sharp edge of the spoiler and the compact oval format of the inclined window, the shape and graphics of the lamps, the branding and the location of the reliefs of the small tailgate.

The design features of the stern design also include:

• rounded sidewalls complemented by a decorative insert, sensors and fog lights of the bumper;

• protective body kit;

• twin set of sports tailpipes.

According to the reviews of the participants of the first presentation, the design of the new Jaguar organically combines the features of sport-off-road and business style.


In keeping with premium status, the interior of the updated SUV offers several options for leather trim, Alcantara, decorated plastic, as well as precious wood and polished metal inserts.

The three-spoke contour of the multifunctional multifunction steering wheel provides a complete overview of the virtual instrument cluster operating in several modes. As part of the center console:

• deflectors adjustable by performance;

• 12-inch display combining command and media functions;

• a console with controls for numerous functional and comfort-generating on-board options.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

The crossover is equipped with modern technical and multifunctional electronic equipment, including an advanced multimedia complex and effective road safety systems.

The tunnel offers a well for small luggage, a technical section with a transmission joystick, a set of heated cup holders, an extended list of organizers and an armrest used as a refrigerator compartment cover.

For the driver and four passengers, a high level of comfort for long-distance trips is provided by an extended seating service. Perfectly profiled chairs with lumbar support and several adjustment ranges are equipped with ventilation, heating and multi-mode vibration massage systems.

Back row passengers have access to backrest recline functions and a folding armrest. Despite the large amount of personal space, the high end of the tunnel creates a certain discomfort for the middle seat rider.

An increase in the luggage volume from 508 to 1598 liters is possible due to the simplified transformation of the rear row seats. The «dock» laid in the floor recess is not reflected in the capacity of the cargo compartment.


The new body has retained the outer dimensions of its predecessor in harmonious proportions of 4731 x 1936 and 1652 mm.

• The supporting structure of the off-road Jaguar is a modular all-wheel drive bogie iQ [Al] with a comfortable multi-link suspension.

• In the layout and operational properties of the chassis — 2874 mm wheelbase, 213 mm ground clearance, the presence of anti-roll bars and special electronic circuits, providing the new crossover with optimal running and off-road characteristics.

Jaguar F-Pace 2021.

The 2021 F-Pace Jaguar offers a fairly wide range of 2- and 3-liter diesel and gasoline engines with outputs from 180 to 380 hp.

The test drive confirmed the dynamics of acceleration in the range of 8.7-5.8 seconds, the maximum speed is blocked by an electronic circuit at 250 km / h.

Options and prices

In the domestic market of premium cars, the new Jaguar F-Pace 2021 model year is announced in five modifications.

Depending on the configuration and the level of equipment, the price will be formed in the range of 3.3-3.7 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

A reliable release date in Russia will be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

Competing models

Potential rivals are similar models of the Porsche Cayenne class, Volvo XC90, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz ML or Range Rover Sport.

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