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Jaguar F-Type 2021.

Jaguar F-Type 2021..

Jaguar F-Type 2021.

Jaguar F-Type 2021: a striking sports car in the English style.
English masters from the Jaguar company have not delighted fans of the brand with new products for a long time. And not so long ago, the automotive world saw the 2021 Jaguar F-Type.

The bright and stylish sports car seems to look younger, and the restyling only added anger, dynamics and attractiveness to it. In addition to the look that makes you turn around, the novelty got hold of an even more luxurious interior and characteristics that make the car one of the leaders in the sports car market.

It is obvious that the demand for it will definitely not decrease, but possibly will increase, since it is quite difficult to find an equal to it in terms of the ratio of cost and quality.


Looking at the new model, it is impossible to doubt the adherence of the British to traditions, since the appearance and outlines of the car largely copy what can be seen on the previous generations of the F-Type.

At the same time, almost all noticeable elements — optics, air intakes and relief — have noticeably refreshed and make the car’s appearance much more brutal.

Jaguar F-Type 2021.

Judging by the photo, the biggest changes were made to the front of the novelty. It is set still low, but it impresses with its massiveness. The highly tilted glass provides excellent visibility despite the slightly longer bonnet.

There are a large number of well-visible longitudinal protrusions and depressions, which make the rounding in the front part even more stylish and bright.

Here, in the corners, attention is drawn to the graceful lines of LED headlights, which perfectly illuminate the road and are able to «look» around the corner. In the middle of the muzzle of the Jaguar F-Type 2021 model is a huge oval of the radiator grille, painted in gloss black and containing a pattern in the form of all the same ovals.

Below the body kit begins, on the sides of which there are large quadrangular slots for air access to the brakes, closed by grilles with the same pattern as on the main air intake.

Below you can find muscular aerodynamic elements resting against the thinnest protective strip at the very bottom.

The profile of the new body looks very sporty thanks to the domed roof contours, small teardrop-shaped glass in the thinnest black-gloss edging, as well as huge semicircular mirrors with turn signal repeaters in any configuration.

Jaguar F-Type 2021..

Nice doors attract attention with interesting handles recessed into the body, which slide out only when necessary. The smooth lines of the relief merge into the sharp edges of the wheel arches, air intakes behind the front wheels and large sills.

The stern of the Englishman turned out to be very short, like many sports cars. It consists, in fact, of a huge strongly tilted glass, as well as a short trunk lid with an interesting spoiler on it.

Below you can find long, but narrow horizontal stripes of navigation lights and stamping under the license plate between them.

The body kit consists of two parts: the upper one is painted in body color and serves as the basis for a black diffuser with a huge number of aerodynamic elements, additional lighting equipment and slots for the exhaust pipes.


The salon of the new Jaguar F-Type 2021 model year looks very rich and boasts an abundance of innovations compared to the previous generation.

In particular, the finishing materials, among which it is worth noting leather, high-quality fabrics and plastic, metal and Alcantara inserts, have become even better, and the multimedia system has acquired additional functions.

The most comfortable seats add to the perfect driving experience.

Jaguar F-Type 2021.

Control and management bodies

The center console cannot be called large, but it contains many useful elements, mainly in the middle section. The top line is occupied by deflectors and a large touchscreen monitor, under which there are half a dozen keys and a washer for adjusting the climate.

At the front of the tunnel, there is an elegant technical panel with a beautiful little joystick for adjusting the transmission. Not far from all this there is a compartment for wireless charging of the gadget and connectors for connecting external sources of information to the car. Of course, there will also be organizers with an armrest.

The steering wheel, trimmed with expensive leather and containing a huge number of auxiliary buttons on the side spokes, as well as a completely virtual dashboard located immediately behind it, is brightly and richly executed in the car.

With its help, the driver will be able to control all the main parameters of the car in real time.

Jaguar F-Type 2021.

Seats and trunk

There are only two places in the car, but they are made in the form of chic sports semi-buckets, sheathed with excellent, soft leather and have a very comfortable shape.

They can be precisely adjusted by means of electric drives and the settings can be memorized. In addition, excellent lateral support, heating or even cooling are available to the driver and passenger.

There is quite a lot of space in the back for cars of this class: if you remove the luggage rack, the new product can accommodate more than 500 liters of luggage.

Jaguar F-Type 2021.


Buyers of the Jaguar F-Type 2021 will be able to choose one of three petrol engines: two-liter with 300 horsepower, three-liter — for 380 «horses» or five-liter, already producing 450 hp.

The first version will be rear-wheel drive, the rest will boast both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive.

The transmission for all configurations will be offered one — robotic, Quickshift system in eight steps with the ability to switch speeds manually.

You don’t even need to take a test drive to see how well this car accelerates and holds the road, while demonstrating quite moderate appetites for fuel.

Options and prices

Despite the fact that the number of complete sets will traditionally not be too large, the range of prices for the car is amazing: from 76 to 106 thousand US dollars.

Competing models

The closest to the British sports car came Toyota Supra, BMW 8-series, and Mercedes SLK.

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