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Jeep Compass 2020

Jeep Compass 2020

Jeep Compass 2020

Jeep Compass 2020 — new equipment and top-end motor
At the end of 2019, the Americans introduced their updated Jeep Compass 2020. Not to say that the brand is super popular on our roads, primarily because of the price and to a lesser extent because of the strong American darling.

Especially in the cabin you can feel the plastic, muscular archetype of the local automobile industry, which is not particularly accepted on our market. This SUV is focused on attracting a new audience due to compromise quality and price.
What actually constitutes a new car will be discussed further.

Jeep Compass 2020


Considering all the options for technical stuffing Jeep Compass does not make sense. Two types of power plant will be supplied for us.

The benzomotor will be represented by a 4-cylinder in-line aspirated. The working volume will be 2.4 liters. Of the features — the presence of an injection valve and gas distribution.

In the basic configuration, customers will be offered 150 hp. at 229 Hm. The top version will get boosted to 175 hp. at 237 Hm. There will be no transmission options. In the presence of no alternative 9AKPP with reduced first gear.
The Jeep Compass trolley is represented by the popular SAV — FCA Small Wide.

Of interesting things, the platform involves the transverse installation of the motor, an independent suspension from MacPherson struts in front and behind, a rack and pinion electric power steering and anti-roll bar.

Jeep Compass 2020

The brake system is represented by discs in a circle with ventilation of the front axle.
It is also known that only an all-wheel drive version will come to us. The rear-wheel drive will be provided by a multi-plate clutch with the possibility of distributing traction on two axles of 50% each. The compass body is made of high strength steel. Its share is about 70%. The rest is represented by aluminum alloys.

In the basic version, Jeep will offer customers:
6 pillows, air conditioning, xenon optics,
heated front seats and steering wheel,
multimedia with a 5-inch screen and 6 speakers,
ABS, ESP and cruise,
16-inch wheels and fabric trim.

In more expensive options, there are additional parking sensors, improved multimedia, a descent assistant, adaptive cruise, keyless entry, 2-zone climate and 17-inch wheels.

Jeep Compass 2020


Externally, the Jeep Compass is very similar to its fellow Grand Cherokee in a more compact version. From the first, 2nd generation also significantly departed. Now, with a head-on comparison, the predecessor seems somewhat «cartoonish.»

The novelty received a more serious design. Added shockproof protection on the bottom, the front became more massive and received a completely new optics, inscribed in the block of the unshakable Jeep grille.

An interesting detail was the chrome molding that separates the roof from the body and runs along the perimeter from one side mirror to another. Everything is smooth behind. This time, the Americans did not overdo it, giving the stern a simple, lightweight look.

Jeep Compass 2020


Inside, the Jeep Compass is unlikely to delight our customers too, accustomed to the fresh look of Asian designers.

Indeed, the Americans from Jeep got stuck in the year 2008th. Absolutely everything in the cabin is rounded. In the fabric version, it looks still bearable. But in the top ones, where the finish is represented by glossy leather, the interior will be clearly an amateur.

The steering wheel has a thick rim, the torpedo has an indistinct shape, even in a top-end configuration, the screen is extremely small and looks no better than in LADA, the center console shines with bright colored buttons, without adding any solidity, the central tunnel is also slurred. In SUVs, half the price, everything looks several times better.

The only thing you can praise Compass for is chairs. Americans love comfort, and everyone else, too. Armchairs turned out to be large and enveloping. Plus a good high armrest. The facilities here are clearly not to occupy.


In terms of quality and price, the competitors of the second generation Jeep Compass are Hyundai Palisade, Haval F7X, Nissan Juke 2020 and Ford Maverick 2020.

Price and sales start date

Jeep Compass sales are in full swing.
The Russians will be offered 4 trim levels — Base (1.9 million rubles), Base + (2.05 million rubles), Luxe (2.15 million rubles) and Premium (2.3 million rubles) .

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