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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022: A legendary SUV with premium performance.

For the Italian-American concern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles the current year, 2021 marked itself as a successful modernization of the legendary mid-size premium SUV — Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

Analysts are predicting a significant increase in customer demand for the flagship model of the company’s range even before its release.

Running characteristics and real off-road potential of the new items are of interest to financially well-off male drivers who give preference to various options of outdoor activities.

The new 2022 Grand Cherokee in its fifth generation is promised in standard and extended seven-seat configurations.


By tradition, a significant share of the body decor is concentrated on the front of the massive and visually aggressive front end. In the videos and photos the attention is attracted:

longitudinal reliefs of the flat plane of the hood;
trapezoidal shape of the front headlights equipped with running lights;
branded radiator grille design with textured netted vertical cut-outs.

There are also sporty large-format front brake vent diffusers with integrated dashed fog lights and a large-cell grille for the lower hexagonal air intake. Completes the composition of the front end with a slightly protruding metal dodger.

The chrome plating on the front is responsible for the decorative design of the body front, as well as the proportional ratio of the wave and stepped elements of the body relief.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

From a side, profile perspective, Jeep’s new body is unequivocally identifiable;

By the silver half-perimeter and black trim of the four-piece glazing;
chromed oval mirror brackets, stepped profiles of the side bodywork and arches;
Smooth contours of the square wheel housings with aluminum-titanium off-road rims enlarged to 21 inches.

The status of a premium car can be seen in the layout and configuration of the rear of the body.

In the field of vision is a massive spoiler visor rear glazing, stylishly decorated with brand symbols, interior sections of interesting design and graphics stop lights and cross-profile luggage compartment door.

The stern entourage is completed with fog lamps and chrome-plated fins of the exhaust pipes by a ribbed bumper.

Judging by the positive comments of eyewitnesses, the appearance of the post-reform Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022 was approved by motorists of different age categories.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.


The quality of premium, trim and decorative materials is impeccable in every respect. The seven- and, in the near future, five-seat interior is characterized by luxurious design, easy access to controls, excellent profiling and ergonomic seating.

To a greater extent, the restyling has had an impact on the updated interior and the functionality of the component equipment. The new interpretation of the front panel:

10-inch diagonal informative digital instrument cluster and a set of air vents;
the block layout of the media-command monitor of the central console and the remote touch-screen activation of standard options.

The new edition of the American SUV demonstrates the premium properties of the functional technical and infotainment electronic equipment, active and passive safety systems.

In the configuration of the tightly adjoining to the torpedo tunnel — a gearshift puck and off-road modes of the transmission, expanded list of organizers and structurally combined with a refrigerated chamber soft two-leaf armrest.

The service list of the pilot seats includes lateral transverse-lumbar support, extended range of operational adjustments, heating, vibration massage and seat ventilation.

The seats of the second and third rows differ noticeably in comfort.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

The list of advantages includes back tilt, fold-out armrests and possibility of transformation to increase trunk volume of 484-liter up to 1328 and 2396 liters, respectively.

Test-drive of the thoroughly modernized SUV as a concept has confirmed the presence of a high sitting and road comfort and real off-road potential.

Technical characteristics

External dimensions of the modification with an elongated body is declared in the ratio of 5204 x 1963 and 1816 mm. All-wheel drive chassis has:

3091 mm wheelbase and adjustable ground clearance in the range of 170-277 mm;
disc brake circuit;
modern road safety systems and efficient electronic assistants.

According to recent reports, the Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022 will offer five powertrain models, ranging in displacement from 3.5 to 6, 2 liters, with outputs from 238 to 710 hp.

All engines come with a non-alternative 8-band automatic transmission.

Dynamics of acceleration top models is 5 and 3.3 seconds, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of run in the amount of 10.4 to 16.8 liters.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022.

Features and prices

Of the five proposed modifications in our market will be available only two, the base and one of the intermediate versions.

In the first case, the price is indicated in the amount of 3.6 million rubles, the cost of the model of increased power and comfort in the range of five million.

The start of sales in Russia

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2022 model year is promised on the domestic market at the start of the second half of 2022.

The official release date in Russia at the moment is not announced. According to experts, the information will be available in parallel with the beginning of the advertising campaign.


The list of the most likely competitors includes more than 80 brands and modifications.

In the first positions lead the more affordable class models Great Wall H3, Hyundai Santa Fe, Infiniti FX, Honda Crosstour and Jaguar F-Pace.

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