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KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

The brand new KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023 for 1 million rubles was presented at the first photorender.

Such a model could become a joint project of Russian KAMAZ and Chinese Dongfeng.

Independent designers portal Naavtotrasse showed a curious model that would wear KAMAZ nameplates and have kinship with Dongfeng models.

This is a rather stylish KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023 liftback.

The novelty could be built on the basis of the Chinese Aeolus Yixuan Max, which got the DSMA platform.

This architecture is actively exploited by budget cars.

Such a choice would allow KAMAZ with the launch of Temlyak to prepare the ground for inexpensive cars of different classes.

The cost of the novelty would be about one million rubles.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

And in terms of equipment, the Temlyak would have been close to the Toyota Camry.

However, at the start of sales buyers would have access to a simpler version with a single 150-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter engine.

A 190-horsepower liftback could come later. The transmission is a seven-speed robot.

A 203-horsepower hybrid version is also possible.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

Inside the new Russian liftback would have a virtual dashboard, multimedia with a driver-facing touchscreen, active cruise control with round-view cameras and more.

The basis of a new budget liftback can be Aeolus Yixuan Max. This car is built on a DSMA platform, which was prepared specifically for models of the middle price segment.

Future KAMAZ Temlyak will have the following dimensions: length — 4,797 mm, width — 1,870 mm, height — 1,475 mm. Distance between axles is 2 770 mm.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

Due to a shortage of components, the first time the assembly line will only start with a basic version with a 1.5-liter turbocharged 150-horsepower engine.

Later a 190-horsepower modification based on the same engine is also possible. In any case, it will be paired with a 7-ACP and all-wheel drive.

It is worth immediately outlining the prospects that may add a hybrid version to KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023 lineup.

Russia’s automotive industry has been in a bad shape lately, to put it mildly.

Starting with an acute shortage of a cascade of components, many production shops have begun to shut down.

After Renault and many other car companies left our market, a number of projects have become part of history.

KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023.

Even an automobile giant like KamAZ, after breaking its partnership with Daimler AG, is forced to change its plans completely, choosing a retrograde direction.

True, there is a positive side to this whole story. It is liberation of many segments of the market, due to the mass departure of a number of foreign companies.

In contrast to their European counterparts, their Chinese partners are only building up the arsenal of models represented in Russia.

According to some sources, KAMAZ and Dongfeng are using this period to their advantage, planning a number of joint projects.

Staff artist authoritative portal naavtotrasse presented several renderings of the new KAMAZ Temlyak 2022-2023, and also announced the possible technical stuffing of the novelty.

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