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Kia Cadenza 2021.

Kia Cadenza 2021.

Kia Cadenza 2021: full-size business-class sedan.
The South Korean auto industry, represented by Kia Motors, has successfully presented a full-size sedan in the United States, which will be released under the name Kia Cadenza 2021.

In the second generation, the novelty demonstrated:

• modern body design;

• improved interior in many respects;

• dynamic for its traction category starting and speed characteristics of the power tandem.

A spacious and comfortable multi-purpose vehicle is optimized for urban use and long-distance trips. The new model is focused on the needs of buyers of different age segments.


The review of the photo allows us to conclude that the new body of the model «Cadenza» of the 2021 model compares favorably with its predecessor with new technical and corporate design solutions.

According to experts, the stylish and presentable appearance of the sedan, comfortable interior and modern electronic equipment in terms of output parameters should bring the novelty to higher ranking positions.

In the second generation, the Cadenza is decorated with elements of corporate business and sporty-aggressive style.

Kia Cadenza 2021.

The design properties of the new sedan include a modified front end, a smaller radiator lining format compared to the earlier model, compact and powerful optics.

In the most striking and expressive frontal view, the 2021 Kia Cadenza attracts attention with the design of the elongated front end. In stock:

• conditional difference in the inclination of the windshield and the bonnet decorated with wave profiles;

• vertical slats of the black radiator grille;

• compact dimensions of xenon headlights equipped with zigzags.

In the standard equipment of the lower segment of the massive front end, there is a wide, slightly protruding bumper, a compact grille of the lower air duct and embossed diffuser framing with integrated LEDs for the four-element fog lights.

In profile, the sedan demonstrates typical business style features. Advantages: excellent aerodynamics of the shallow domed roof, contrast of the silvery perimeter and black pillars of two-piece glazing, elegant mirrors and a small number of longitudinal wave profiles.

Kia Cadenza 2021.

The sidewall surrounds typical of European sedans are complemented by the spoke design of 18-inch aluminum composite wheels.

The back of the novelty looks more stylish and expressive. In sight:

• a spoiler lip for a decorative function of the compact tailgate;

• original graphics of polyfunctional lights;

• wide bumper with fog lights;

• small-sized plastic-metal body kit with a horizontal cut-out for the exhaust pipe.

In general, the new sedan looks solid and presentable. The minimum amount of decorative chrome plating effectively compensates for the combination of stepped and wave signature reliefs.


The interior is copied with minimal changes from the flagship model of the Quoris series. The finishing assortment includes premium materials, genuine leather, high-quality plastic and bright decorative accents of polished metal.

Kia Cadenza 2021.

In the complete set with a front panel shaded visor:

• pointer indicators and color display of informative instrument panel;

• analog clock and 12-inch diagonal of the media-command polychrome display;

• double-row remote control with buttons and washers for onboard equipment activation.

Part of the command functionality is performed by the buttons on the three-spoke steering wheel.

The layout of the tunnel is interesting in its own way, complete with a container for small-sized personal belongings, a transmission joystick and travel mode switches, a set of organizers and a refrigerator located under a comfortable armrest.

The five well-profiled seats include full lumbar support, a wide range of working adjustments, as well as efficient ventilation and heating systems.

The list of services for the rear sofa includes a folding armrest, an adjustable backrest tilt, a separate console for activating media functions and adjusting the interior microclimate.

Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the comfortable shape and volume of the 453-liter trunk. The full-size spare wheel built into the niche of the floor and closed with a curtain does not affect the capacity of the compartment.


The first restyling in a row left the original dimensions of the case in the ratios of 4971 x 1869 and 1471 mm unchanged. Such parameters are typical for full-size European E-class sedans.

Kia Cadenza 2021.

• The new version of the Kia Cadenza 2021 received an upgraded front-wheel drive platform with a longitudinal engine layout and a comfortable spring-link independent suspension.

• In the chassis design: wheelbase length 2855 mm, a set of transverse stabilizers, adaptive shock absorbers and progressive electric power steering.

• Comfortable and safe driving is ensured by the characteristics of electronic assistants and active safety systems.

In the basic version, the sedan will receive a productive power tandem, consisting of a 3.3-liter gasoline engine 290 hp / 344 Nm and an automated, two-mode, 8-speed transmission.

A preliminary test drive showed the time the sedan reached the first hundred — 7 seconds, maximum speed — 230 km / h and fuel consumption when driving in mixed mode in the range of 11.3-12.2 liters.

Options and prices

At the first stage, the new Kia Cadenza 2021 model year is promised in the standard version. According to experts of dealer companies, the price of the base model will be formed in the range of 24-26 thousand dollars.

Sales start in Russia

Koreans highly value the purchasing potential of the Russian market, nevertheless, the new model range will appear in the country’s car dealerships no earlier than the third quarter of 2021.

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