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Kia Carnival 2021.

Kia Carnival 2021

Kia Carnival 2021.

Kia Carnival 2021 — a minivan with a new body and a comfortable interior.
The 4th generation of the Kia Carnival minivan was recently announced. This car has not been sold in Russia since the distant 2010, but a decade later the Koreans are thinking about a triumphant return, which has already been planned for 2021.

The designers have radically redesigned the exterior of the car, adding bright elements of representative style to the family man, which favorably distinguishes Carnival from its more modest predecessor and competitors in the class. But what else is interesting about the novelty and what exactly will be brought to Russia, we need to figure it out.

Kia Carnival 2021

Technical stuffing

The 3rd generation was introduced back in 2014, so it was logical to offer the new product a new platform.

The branded trolley will delight:

longitudinal engine arrangement;
independent suspension from MacPherson and multi-link systems;
disc brakes in a circle;
electric power steering;
front-wheel drive.

The engine range is represented by two installations to choose from — a gasoline aspirated and a turbodiesel.

1. The first one received 3.3 liters of volume and a return of 276 hp. at 336 Hm. Acceleration to hundreds takes less than 8 seconds. City consumption — 11.3 liters.

2. Turbodiesel turned out to be more economical. Power — 202 hp, torque — 441 Nm. According to the first test drives, the consumption was 9 liters. a hundred. At the same time, they forgot to indicate the dynamics.

Now it is difficult to say which version of Kia Carnival will arrive in Russia. Maybe diesel and gasoline will come, or maybe something else will be installed for Russia.

Kia Carnival 2021

Onboard equipment

As for the words about representative appearance, these are not just words. The novelty was granted the status of Grand Utility Vehicle, which translates as «multifunctional multi-purpose vehicle». In general, there is everything you need … and what you don’t need either.
Up to five trim levels will be offered: L, LX, EX, SX and SXL. The manufacturer has not yet disclosed a complete list of equipment, but it is known for sure what will be:

6 airbags;
air conditioner (climate in expensive versions);
Rear View Camera;
electric drive of glasses, armchairs and mirrors;
multimedia and 10.1-inch touchscreen;
virtual dashboard;
premium sound;
adaptive cruise;
LED optics and foglights, etc.

The sliding door servo has also been announced, which will be activated when the remote control key approaches. Which is convenient when your hands are busy with bags of groceries.

Kia Carnival 2021

Body and dimensions

As already clear, the new Carnival will delight you with a completely new body. There is now an elegant radiator grille to match the rest of the brand’s models, an elongated hood and 20-inch alloy wheels on low-profile rubber.

The integration of the front DRLs into the radiator grille block is interestingly designed, and the LED bridge at the rear, roof pillars, like Escalite.

In general, a lot of borrowings can be traced in the appearance of the Korean minivan, but today it is not enough to surprise anyone and bring to justice.

Regarding the new dimensions, Carnival has grown decently:

Length, mm 5115
Width, mm 1983
Height, mm 1730
Wheelbase, mm 3060

By the way, sliding doors providing free access to the second and third row of seats are in place.

Kia Carnival 2021


So far, the Koreans have not held a full-fledged presentation of the Kia Carnival 2020 model «live» in connection with all the well-known events. Therefore, for now, only renders of the salon in the premium version of Limousine are available.

Here you can see premium white artificial leather, ceramic and aluminum inserts, a minimalistic torpedo with a single block of a multimedia complex (like in a Mercedes) and a virtual dashboard, and even a climate control touchscreen (Koreans could not resist the trends).

Thanks to the width of 2 meters, the central tunnel was made wide enough. Includes massive armrest, music control washer and cup holders. But the traditional gearbox backstage is not visible here, as well as information about the future transmission.

It is worth paying attention to the landing formula. Three options will be offered:

7-seater landing with two captain’s seats in the second row according to the formula 2 + 2 + 3;
9-seater with 4 rows according to the formula 2 + 2 + 2 + 3;
11-seater with 4 rows according to the formula 2 + 3 + 3 + 3.

Truly a family car. Everyone will fit in, and even the mother-in-law cannot be sent to the dacha by train, she will also have enough room (we sympathize). In addition, the volume of the luggage compartment can be increased to 3435 liters.


Minivans are not very popular in Russia. But despite this, Kia Carnival has a couple of competitors.

Taking into account the price, they include: SsangYong Korando Turismo (which was updated in 2018), Volkswagen Touran, Peugeot Traveler and GAC GM8.

Price and start date

In South Korea, sales will start before the end of the summer. For Russia, this model will be available no earlier than spring 2021. Prices have been announced so far only for the home market.

Carnival in the basic configuration with a gasoline engine and a 9-seater saloon will cost 1,890,000 rubles.
A diesel car is 70,000 more expensive. A 7-seater Carnival in top-end configuration with two captain’s chairs in the second row will cost at least 2,300,000 rubles.

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