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Kia K3 2021.

Kia K3 2021.

Kia K3 2021.

Kia K3 2021 is the name of the Chinese version of the Cerato sedan, which, however, does not mean that we are dealing with a regular copy of the global model.

The latter changed a generation in 2018 and continues to be produced all over the world (Forte — in the USA, Cerato Forte — in Singapore, Naza Forte — in Malaysia), but it is the Chinese version that deserves special attention, since it got a very original look.

In 2019, the Koreans introduced the Kia K3 of the 2021 model year of the fourth generation — a car that stands out for its «fierce» exterior, and a year later, a fully electric version of the K3 EV sedan entered the Chinese market.

Review of the new sedan

The car remained on the same platform, where the rear suspension is a semi-independent structure in the form of a twisting beam. The generation change added dimensions to the body, significantly expanded the list of options and replaced several devices of the on-board system.

Kia K3 2021.

The Chinese specification K3 has become slightly larger than the global version of Cerato, which, in turn, has noticeably enlarged only in length (plus 60 mm.) Dimensions of the Kia K3 2021 model year:

• length — 4660 mm;
• width — 1780 mm;
• height — 1450 mm;
• wheelbase — 2700 mm.


The K3 sedan is able to surprise with its exterior, which turned the «modest Cerate» into a real «toothy beast». These are the associations that the new radiator grille with large vertical slats evokes, which give associations with the characteristic design of the front end of a modern Maserati sports car.

This decision clearly departs from the style of the signature «tiger nose», although the contours of the lattice retain the shape of the «eight».

To match the front end and the rear, where a chic bumper with beautiful linings imitating the exhaust pipes is found. The rear overhang looks very harmonious, plus there was a place on it for a stylish black false diffuser.

Kia K3 2021.


The interior of the Chinese version of the Kia K3 2021 has some differences: they can be found in the design of the instrument panel and the control panel of the climate control system (it is touch-sensitive).

Also, the redesigned sedan received an enlarged center display in diameter, while in the usual Cerato its maximum size reaches a maximum of 8 inches.

The rest, including the multifunction steering wheel, seats, door cards, decorative linings, remained unchanged, although dealers often order original shades of the interior upholstery for Chinese modifications.

Kia K3 2021.

Technical stuffing

The 2021 Kia K3 is offered with two engines to choose from: a naturally aspirated 1.5-liter engine with 128 hp. from. (156 Nm) and a turbocharged unit with a volume of 1.4 liters at 130 liters. sec. (210 Nm) The first one relies on a 6-speed «mechanics» or «automatic», the second — a 7-band «robot».

Here is the promised electric modification, completely copying the power unit of the Hyundai Lafesta EV model.

Kia K3 2021.

Electrical modification

The Kia K3 EV is a single-engine sedan with an engine that is classically mounted above the front wheel axle.

The power of the electric motor in terms of «horses» reaches 184 liters. with., and to power the horses, lithium-ion battery cells are used, which, in order to better distribute the weight, are placed under the floor of the cabin and in the underground of the trunk.

The total capacity of the blocks is 56.5 kW ∙ h, which, when charged at 100%, makes it possible to travel up to 490 kilometers (NEDC cycle).

An interesting feature of the electric version of the sedan is its almost complete resemblance to a conventional modification equipped with an internal combustion engine.

The «toothy» radiator grille and even an imitation of the exhaust pipes remained in place. This car only communicates its belonging to the class of electric cars with a blue decor on the bumpers and an EV badge on the trunk lid.

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