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Kia K5/Optima 2020.

Kia K5 Optima 2020

Kia K5/Optima 2020.

The Kia K5/Optima 2020 is a stylish 5th generation sedan with all engine options.
Having plunged headlong into the development of a line of crossovers, the Kia manufacturer began to pay less attention to sedans, so we can say that the new restyling is more planned than global.

The 5th generation Kia Optima (known locally as the K5) will showcase pinpoint changes in appearance, a new interior design, revised engine range and electronics.


In 2020, Kia will offer 5 trim levels — the base Classic, Comfort, Luxury, Prestige and the flagship GT.

The difference between the first and the last Optima will be a little more than 700 thousand rubles, but there will be an overpayment for that. But more on that below. Let’s take a look under the hood for now.
The basic filling will receive — a 2.5-liter aspirated with front-wheel drive.

Kia K5 Optima 2020

The rest will be offered a wider choice:

gasoline engines 1.6 (turbocharged 180 hp),
2.0 and 2.5-liter aspirated,
three diesel variants — 1.6 at 136 hp, 2.0 at 150 hp. and 2.0 at 184 hp.
Dynamic characteristics and consumption have not yet been disclosed. Additionally, in the homeland, Kia will offer a 2-liter gas engine.

The powertrain options are equally impressive — a 6-speed manual, an 8-speed automatic, or a 7-speed robot with two clutch discs, but only with a front drive axle.
As usual, the cheapest option will not be able to offer the comfort that premium versions are famous for.

Kia K5 Optima 2020

The top trim levels of the 2020 Kia Optima model year include:

LED optics;
electric drive and heated side mirrors;
navigator with a 3.5-inch screen;
assistant when starting up the hill;
adaptive cruise;
ABS and dynamic stabilization;
two options for adjusting the steering column;
power accessories (also with a drive for the trunk);
passenger airbags in 8 places;
two-zone climate;
heated and ventilated front seats and back sofa;
foot «handbrake»;
multifunctional heated wheel;
automatic wiper sensor;
keyless access;
10-position driver’s seat adjustment (with memory);
parking sensors;
Rear View Camera;
multimedia with a screen of 8 inches and 6 speakers around the perimeter;
wireless charging platform.

We should also say about the GT. The top Optima will boast a 2.5-liter petrol engine with up to 286 hp. in the company with an 8-speed robot and four-wheel drive. Acceleration to hundreds — 7.4 seconds.

Kia K5 Optima 2020


It’s time to talk about the bodywork. In the new Optima, the designers decided to abandon such a recognizable branded grille. This made it possible to fantasize a bit and finally show something more interesting.

Among the innovations, the restyling of the 5th generation will demonstrate a new disc design, widened rear fenders, wider C-shaped diffusers in the front, and original mounting of side mirrors.

We note the new architecture of the body kit and the bonnet with an hourglass-shaped run on the radiator grille, the interesting shape of the front optics with a tiger pattern and the original taillight unit with a refined LED bridge.

In terms of size, changes are also observed:

Length, mm 4905 (+50)
Width, mm 1860 (+25)
Height, mm 1445 (-20)
Wheelbase, mm 2850 (+45)

Kia K5 Optima 2020


The previously presented 5th generation K5 / Optima computer sketch of the interior, approved by the majority of netizens, was able to be brought to life with only minor changes.

The torpedo has become less massive and narrow. The central tunnel has risen and acquired a massive armrest. In the version with a gun, the classic link has evolved into a compact washer. Nearby offered wireless charging.

The multimedia screen is unconventionally narrow. Perhaps we are waiting for some kind of non-standard interface with constant scrolling to the right. The virtual dashboard is equally wide with an interesting graphic design and a large space in the middle for displaying a picture of the navigator.

There will be a lot of metal, carbon fiber linings and leather on the materials of the upholstery. We tried to use plastic to a minimum.


Competition, as always, will be represented from the eternal four, although the release of new restyling is not planned for everyone, given the point changes, the old versions will still be able to compete with the 5th generation of Optima.
The four include Mazda 6 sedans, Toyota Camry and Volkswagen Passat.

Price and start date

Initially, the start of sales for Russia was announced for January 2020, but due to production problems at the facilities in Kaliningrad, the date was postponed indefinitely.

According to the price tag, everything is still rounded up to hundreds of thousands. The exact check cannot yet be named due to assembly problems. For the basic version, about 1.4 million are announced. The charged version will cost 2 million rubles.

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