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Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022.

Kia K9 2022 sedan instead of K900: only one engine for Russia.

Kia’s flagship is once again changing its name on the Russian market. In the first generation, this sedan was called Kia Quoris, but with the release of a new model in 2018, the company abandoned this name around the world, and in Russia, the second-generation sedan came under the index Kia K900. And here it is again a change of signage.

Restyled version, presented last summer, in Russia will be sold under the name Kia K9, which in the native South Korean market is used since the times of Kvoris.

However, now there is at least some unity in the system of indices, because there is already a sedan Kia K5 in the range.

The updated flagship has got another design of the front part and a stern. The new face — with narrow headlights and even larger grille.

The taillights are now united by a luminous strip, that’s why the license plate area had to be moved from the trunk lid to the bumper. The length of the vehicle remains the same (5120 mm).

Kia K9 2022.

The interior is almost unchanged, but has more modern electronics.

It is already announced that on Russian market Kia K9 will be offered with only one engine.

It is already known atmospheric V6 3.3 GDI with 249 hp in tandem with eight-speed «automatic» and all-wheel drive. Concern Hyundai refuses status V8 5.0 engine (413 hp), so it is excluded from the range even in Korea.

Kia K9 2022.

It is a pity that we do not have more powerful «six» engines, which are available in other markets: an atmospheric 3.8 GDI (315 hp) and turbocharged 3.3 T-GDI (370 hp).

The Kia company said that the sedan Kia K9 has already been certified in Russia and has received Vehicle Type Approval (MLA), although it has not yet appeared on the Rosstandart website.

Kia K9 2022.

Features and prices will be announced closer to the start of sales, which is scheduled for spring. Right now, the Kia K900 costs from 4.6 million rubles.

Restyled KIA K900 for Russia: change of name and other innovations.

Kia announced that the restyled second-generation K900 sedan will be sold in Russia under the index «K9» (South Korea). (as in South Korea).

Kia K9 2022.

By the way, this is not the first renaming of the flagship four-door, the first generation of which was known as the «Quoris».

Note that during the update, the KIA K9 2022 has received a modified exterior. In particular, the sedan got narrower headlights and larger grille.

Of the innovations at the rear, it is worth noting the appearance of luminous bridge between the lights, because of which the area under the license plate had to be moved from the cover of the trunk to the bumper.

These changes did not affect the length of the body — the nose-to-tail length is 5 120 mm. The interior of the vehicle also has not changed, though got more modern electronics.

As for the lineup of power units, the «Russian» KIA K9 can be ordered only with 3.3-liter atmospheric GDI V6 for 249 powers.

The given unit works in a sheaf with an eight-speed automatic and a full drive. And here from the status 5.0-liter V8 engine during the restyling, the developers decided to refuse.

However, it was excluded from the range everywhere — even in the homeland of South Korea.

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