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Kia K900 2019.

Kia K900 2019.

If you are looking for a full-size sedan, then the 2019 Kia K900 will be the right decision for you. This flagship sedan comes as a second generation with changes that will improve it.

First of all, the announcement of the automaker Kia goes in the direction to make the body longer, but at the same time smoother than the previous one. According to the engineers’ report, the base was taken from the model of the last Kia Stinger.

This is a rear wheel drive platform, but with the ability to use all-wheel drive. Some spy photos taken during testing hide their appearance from prying eyes.

Design changes are obvious, and we will tell you what we were able to see. Finally, Kia keeps the current engines, while one of these two options gets additional updates.

You can not imagine how you will feel in the new interior 2019 Kia K900. We think you will feel like a king. South Korean manufacturer puts comfort at a higher level.

The history of the model.

І generation.

The first K9 (Quoris), which is based on the platform of the Hyundai Equus, appeared on the South Korean market in 2012, and in 2014 already debuted successfully in the United States.

Stylish, reliable and, what is not unimportant, affordable, they quickly found their buyer, taking their place in the business and Premium class car niche.

Of the advantages inherent in first-generation cars, the owners say:

powerful power unit V8 (3,8l / 311 hp or 5,0l / 420 hp);

excellent dynamics and handling; rear drive;

luxurious interior decoration; complete set of the most innovative options.

In the Russian showrooms today are presented Kia cars assembled at the Kaliningrad Avtotor.

Kia K900 2019.

2nd generation.

The new Kia K900, the exterior, was introduced in March of this year as part of the New York International Auto Show and should appear in showrooms before the onset of 2019. Kia K900 in a new body is an elegant classic luxury with a wide range of options for the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers.

Restyled model received a number of major improvements, including:

new body dimensions; stylish exterior; premium class interior;

rear-wheel drive or full (optional); outstanding performance.

But, let’s talk about everything in order.

2019 Kia K900 interior.

What can we say to you about the uniqueness of the salon? Currently, interior information is not fully available. Maybe this is a slightly different intention of the manufacturer?

Big surprises come mainly at the last moment. Therefore, we must say that the Kia K900 is very comfortable with luxury. Managing devices, systems and other technologies is very simple.

If you look at the equipment of the predecessor, then the new Kia should add a lot of things, and the equipment in the standard version was this:

Front and back seats of their Nappa leather.

12.3 inch on-board computer with digital devices.

9 3 inch touchscreen display.

Navigation. 17 speakers. Climate control. Four cameras with 360 * review.

Projection Head-Up Display. Rear View Camera.

Heated seats. Seat ventilation.


The luxurious South Korean K900 sedan of the 2019 model line created a real sensation in New York, because the car became even larger and acquired all the features of a luxury one.

Overall dimensions of the model are:

Length — 5 120 mm
Width — 1 915 mm
Height — 1,491 mm
Wheelbase — 3 104 mm.

The elegant exterior of the model, which has become a little more aggressive, but has not lost its elegant classic touch, is formed by:

streamline and smooth lines in the design of body elements;

large grille, divided into 176 cells (a number that promotes the release of energy);

spectacular head optics design;

an elegant front bumper that emphasizes the balanced proportions of the car;

large panoramic sunroof; chrome moldings along the sideline cars;

stylish wheels (R18 or R19, depending on the configuration);

massive rear bumper with a pair of trapezoid exhaust pipes.

2019 Kia K900 engine.

The specification includes two very powerful powertrains.
The first is a 3.8 liter V6 with an output of 311 horsepower. This motor is very fresh, because in the first it was made last year.

The second powerplant is a 5.0 liter V8, which produces about 420 horsepower. Some sources said the sedan retained an eight-speed automatic transmission, while others say it will be a ten-speed automatic transmission. By the way, we have already discussed the option to drive in the introduction.


Kia Quoris / K9 soplatformennik is the Genesis G90 model. As in the first generation, the basic version will be equipped with rear-wheel drive, but in 2019 promise to add as an option the opportunity to purchase the Kia K900 with all-wheel drive.

The line of power units for the second generation car will expand somewhat:

Engine                      type                      Capacity.

Petrol V6              3.8 liters                 315 liters. with.
Petrol V8              5.0 liters                 425 liters. with.
Petrol V6 Turbo  3.3 liters                 370 liters. with.

All modifications will be aggregated 8-band automat.

Impress new K900 will be the flagship options and the most modern technologies. So, each car will be equipped with a modem integrated into the system, thanks to which it will be possible to get remote access to the system through a personal even record of the owner. Through a laptop, tablet or smartphone, it will be possible not only to control certain functions (start the engine, regulate the operation of climate technology and multimedia system), but also monitor the operation of the systems or search for a car in the parking lot.

4 cameras provide maximum 360º visibility and a program interface that displays an image with a smooth scrolling panorama.

In advance, the blind spot monitoring system will warn the driver in advance in the event of a potentially dangerous maneuver. Will warn that any object is in dangerously close proximity to tangible steering wheel vibration. For those who travel frequently, the option to monitor the status of the driver will be a useful addition.

Although in normal driving mode, the torque is transmitted to the rear wheels of the car, if necessary, or when changing modes, the intelligent system of the new all-wheel drive Kia can divide forces between the front and rear wheels, respectively, 50/50 or 20/80 percent.

Price and start of sales.

Presented in New York Kia K900 lineup in 2019, the technical characteristics of which will cause many motorists to think about purchasing a luxury luxury sedan, will appear in car dealerships in South Korea and the United States in the near future. Russians who want to avoid problems with registration of a mountain of documents for the import of a new car should suffer a little, because our second generation Kia Quoris should appear at the beginning of next year. and at a price that is quite profitable for such a class of car.

At the moment, the company has not announced the official price list for the novelty. A list of complete sets, as well as indicative prices for Europe, America and Russia will be announced closer to the official start of sales.


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