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Kia Mojave 2020.

Kia Mohave 2020

Kia Mojave 2020.

Kia Mojave 2020 — the new large family SUV of the 2nd generation
At the beginning of 2019, the Koreans slightly confused their fans by first showing the Telluride crossover, which was mistakenly considered the assignee of Mohave. But as it turned out, the crossover is a completely different story, because after a couple of months at the exhibition in Seoul, the guys from Kia rushed to demonstrate the second generation of the 2018-2019 Kia Mojave frame SUV.

The SUV in the new body was named Mohave Masterpiece and demonstrates a fresh look at the design of a modern SUV. What else will surprise Koreans fans below.


Little is known about the technical specifications. At the presentation, most of the time was spent on the updated design, rather than the innovation of the engine compartment. It is known that the configuration of the new Mojave will differ only in some design elements and on-board stuff, but there is no choice on power units.

Kia Mohave 2020

The frame SUV got exactly what will help him overcome any obstacles in any weather — a 3-liter diesel engine and turbo boost support. Power is not yet final, but so far 260 horses and 560 Hm of torque have been announced.

For Russians, they can make 250 hp. for easier customs clearance and tax cuts. For comparison, the first generation was equipped with a 256-hp engine, so in terms of power and efficiency we should expect about the same as before.

Representatives of the company mentioned in passing that in the future the new body will also receive gasoline units for 3.6 and 4.6 liters of volume with a capacity of 333 and 435 horses, respectively.

There are also no options for managing a Korean monster yet. The novelty received a robotic 8-speed gearbox and no additions are expected in this regard. Four-wheel drive is self-contained. Nobody received the exact information about the suspension, but since they did not mention it, then we have nothing to wait for there. As in the previous version, they will cost two MacPhersons in front and a multi-link in the back.

Kia Mohave 2020

Given the new pricing policy, Kia, which over the past few years has quickly moved from a budget class to a team of a strong middle peasant, and in some places even in a premium class, the set of on-board functions will be very rich.

Things like cruise and climate control, parking sensors, a front camera, four airbags, rich multimedia, a multi-function steering wheel, electronic mirrors, heated windows and front seats are not worth mentioning. All this has already become commonplace for all eastern automakers.


It is worth noting that the first generation came out 10 years ago, so leaving the body design in its previous shape was tantamount to suicide. So, if any special changes in the mechanical part did not occur, then in appearance the Mojave changed almost beyond recognition. The only thing that reminds of the old generation is the shape of the side windows.

The new Kia SUV has become more angular and larger. The muzzle has become even higher. Part of the optics and radiator grill imprisoned in a single chrome frame design. By the way, when the head light is off, the optics are practically invisible, which gives the design its zest.

Below are standard air intakes, diffusers and other rescuers from turbulences in the bottom. On the sides in the small foglights entered quite aggressively.

Kia Mohave 2020

Turning to the side, immediately rush into the eye painfully massive wheel arches. So if you want to increase the radius of the wheels, such an opportunity will definitely be. Otherwise, apart from massive shock-resistant thresholds, there is nothing to mention.

Feed, as well as the front end received the original design dimensions. Here, one is united in one strip, on which the inscription “Mohave” flaunts in large chrome letters. Otherwise, everything is pretty ordinary. Although off-road vehicles are already pretty good.


We should also talk about the salon. Kia in this regard always, if they do not set a trend, it means that they will competently adopt it somewhere. In accordance with the trends, the torpedo and center console are designed in minimalism. Most of the control buttons were thrown to the steering wheel or pushed into the on-board computer with the function of voice commands.

In general, the torpedo is quite low. In addition to virtual tidy, a narrow, barely noticeable strip of buttons and holes for it does not stand out. Only when starting the engine can you find out that the on-board computer is also present in the frosted glass of the central niche. Sheathing is represented by a specific “shabby” skin tone. In addition to leather, wooden and chrome elements were hung here.

On a smooth transition to the central tunnel, you can find a 9-inch multimedia screen, immediately the field of which begins with a selector knob and two cup holder holes.
Nothing special to say about the seats. Good comfortable shape, high-quality upholstery, heating, massage, what else is needed.

Kia Mohave 2020

Price and sales start date

Due to the recent presentation, the exact prices of each configuration are not yet reported. It is known that the price tag starts at 2.85 million rubles and seems to end at around 3.5 million. The closest competitors for it will be the new generation of Toyota Prado and Ford, with their off-road flagship Explorer.

A frame SUV will enter the Korean market in September 2019. Our customers, as always, will have to wait a bit. Russian dealers will receive Mohave only in the early spring of 2020.

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