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Kia Mojave 2021.

Kia Mojave 2021.

Kia Mojave 2021.

Kia Mojave 2021: a full-size SUV with improved driving characteristics.

Independent experts came to the conclusion that Kia can claim the status of a manufacturer of off-road vehicles with modern technical and operational properties.

As a convincing argument, the output characteristics of the new version of the SUV — Kia Mojave 2021 are given.

The new model, already in the basic version, demonstrates a harmonious combination of corporate and emphatically aggressive style, restyling had a positive effect on the comfort and layout of the cabin volume, improved driving and off-road parameters, and the efficiency of power units.


The SUV looks stylish and attractive in the photo from different angles, however, most of the bright exterior decor is concentrated on the front of the body.

The presence of new design and constructive solutions makes it possible to confidently identify the model only with the help of brand symbols.

In the front projection, the novelty of the model range attracts attention:

high trapezoidal panoramic windshield;

ribbed longitudinal profiles of an almost flat bonnet;

massive chrome-plated frame of the original radiator grille with chrome-plated struts and the shape of four-element blocks of powerful head optics.

Kia Mojave 2021.

In the typical configuration of the lower segment of the front end there is a narrow figured bumper, decorated with wide C-shaped overlays, double fog lamps and enclosed in a silver semi-perimeter of the air duct cooling system of the engine compartment.

Deep ribbed reliefs are used as elements of an aggressive design.

In the profile projection, the new body offers a combination of business and corporate off-road styling. In sight:

a slight slope of the roof equipped with powerful rails;

large-format side glazing enclosed in glossy black plastic;

equipped with LED «turn signals» rectangular mirrors of the rear hemisphere;

strict geometry of wide doorways and a compact mobile step.

Kia Mojave 2021.

The off-road status of the 2021 Kia Mojave model is confirmed by the high seating position and roomy wheel arches with reinforced titanium discs characteristic of powerful all-terrain vehicles.

The design of the stern contains recognizable details of the crossover layout. Available — a spoiler lip shading the inclined window and the vertical plane of the tailgate. In design features:

exclusive shape, as well as graphics connected by an LED strip and a chrome strip of multifunctional feet;

deep stamping for registration plate placement;

equipped with fog lights and four built-in exhausts, a figured panel of a massive plastic body kit.

According to the visitors of the first presentation, the appearance of the novelty generates only positive impressions.


The upgrade did not ignore the interior and equipment of the five- or seven-seater cabin volume.

The modernization had a positive effect on the quality and finishing and decorating assortment, expanding the functionality of the basic and additional options, and the manufacturability of the front panel.

Kia Mojave 2021.

In the basic version, the new SUV received an informative instrument panel, combined of analogue pointer indicators and a color computer monitor.

In the top modification, its digital multi-mode analogue is promised. The status of the multifunction steering wheel is confirmed by the presence of two blocks of command buttons on the front surface.

Comfortable pastime on long journeys is ensured by the advanced characteristics of the standard multimedia complex.

Driving an SUV at high speed limits and heavy traffic is simplified by electronic assistants and the efficient operation of security systems.

The center console has a multi-mode media command tablet and a block of analog control buttons for on-board equipment.

On the tunnel there is a platform with a transmission handle, cup holders, a multimedia washer and a travel mode switch.

It is assumed that there are organizers closed with a shutter, and a spacious refrigerating chamber under the folding armrest.

The service of the front seats equipped with lateral support is nominal — several types of working adjustments and seat heating.

Kia Mojave 2021.

For the average passenger of the second row, the height of the massive tunnel creates significant discomfort. The two third-row seats can be transformed, if necessary, to increase the capacity of the luggage compartment.


With external dimensions of 4930×1920 and 1790 mm, the new Kia Mojave 2021 model year looks compact and elegant.

In the design features of the chassis, it should be noted 2895 mm center base, 217 mm body clearance, the effectiveness of the combined rack-and-link suspension.

In Russia, the modernized SUV will offer an uncontested tandem of a three-liter turbocharged diesel six with an output of 260 hp / 560 Nm of peak thrust and an automatic 8-band transmission.

The multidisciplinary test drive of the Kia Mojave model of 2021 showed traction, high-speed and off-road characteristics that are optimal for its class, well-coordinated interaction of component equipment.

Options and prices

For the domestic driver’s contingent, the price of the Kia Mohave 2021 model in the new generation starts from a minimum amount of 2.6 million rubles.

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