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KIA Optima 2021.

KIA Optima 2021.

KIA Optima 2021.

Not so long ago, the KIA Optima 2021 was tested, which will be a worthy continuation and replacement of older models from the Korean manufacturer. The engineers performed a complete update of the exterior of the body, the interior of the vehicle, and also improved the technical characteristics that directly affect the convenience and safety of management.

As a result, the new model has retained an attractive price for any potential owner, without losing quality as components. Among the new functions, it is worth highlighting the on-board video recorder, the electronic key system and the ability to control the gearbox with the help of buttons, which eliminates the need to use the old circuit, which provides a lever.


KIA Optima 2021. Machine cost and equipment options

The new KIA Optima model of 2021 will be delivered in five versions, differing in terms of price and the presence / absence of additional options that improve the driving process:

1. Classic. This includes curtains and airbags. Era-Glonass can be used to navigate and quickly report an emergency. The owner does not have to worry about the timely switching of light between the far and near ones — this option includes a light sensor. The tire pressure control system will indicate the need to replace the wheels in case of damage. In such a case, there is always a spare tire;

2. Comfort. The specified version has everything that the classical configuration received with additions in the form of heating the windshield where the wipers are located. A similar option is provided for side mirrors, front seats and steering wheel. The new KIA Optima 2021 body offers a potential owner a USB charge for a phone / tablet and other similar devices.
The car has an audio system that allows you to relax when the vehicle is not on the move. If you want, you can supplement everything with the «anti-noise» function, strengthen the protection of the radiator, motor and the whole machine with an alarm. A rain sensor is another addition that allows the owner to know more about upcoming weather changes;

3. Luxe. The car in this configuration already includes a gear knob with leather trim (the seats in the passenger compartment are similarly decorated), a Supervision dashboard with a color screen. For the convenience of the driver, a rear view camera is provided (supplemented by a dynamic marking line);

4. Prestige. For owners, there is wireless charging for phones, a more advanced audio system with ten speakers and a subwoofer. LED headlights with angle adjustment automatically adjust to changes in light level at any time of the day;

5. GT. The premiere of the KIA Optima 2021 will be held shortly, will include chrome parts, metal pedals and thresholds. Inside the cabin, the illumination of individual elements is installed. The interior can be chosen from two options supplied from the factory. The convenience of driving in the dark and in the presence of fog is provided by adaptive (adapt to changing the level of illumination on the street) bi-xenon headlights. The specified version of the vehicle has all the advantages of cheaper trim levels.

For each car, the real value can be checked with your local supplier. You only need to wait for the sale of this model, which meets all relevant safety standards, comfort and durability.

KIA Optima 2021..

New details about the new body.

Experts have carried out an impressive amount of work so that the car stands out from the rest of the models of its brand and from cars of other manufacturers. As a result of the changes, the vehicle has become more presentable, but recognizable due to old modifications. The front bumper, the grille with vertical ribs were modernized by correcting the profile line. As a result, the car aerodynamics began to resemble the wing of an airplane.

Depending on customer requirements, cars are delivered with rims from 16 to 18 inches in diameter. Trunk volume has been increased, the exhaust system has been updated, brake lights have been made, which made them more readable by other road users.

KIA Optima 2021...

Interior decoration.

The new generation KIA Optima 2021 inside received the following updates:
improvements in plastic, textile and leather elements;

the sound insulation system inside the cabin has been changed, which allows you to travel with fewer distractions. Isolation is especially relevant for those who work and live in large cities, where traffic jams and a large number of cars create a lot of noise;
the seats absorb vibration, making the ride as comfortable as possible, which is especially important for remote regions where the quality of the asphalt surface is much lower.

Installation of a child seat is easy with any configuration, and seat belts make travel even safer.

All this is complemented by climate control and new security systems, which in the end gives the owner the best choice for the appropriate price category. In addition, the presence of several trim levels facilitates the acquisition of the machine.

KIA Optima 2021....

Main characteristics.

In addition to the visual differences from older models, the car received new parts that directly affect the chassis. So, the levers and suspension have undergone changes, and the engine has been changed in order to increase durability and make trips as safe and convenient as possible for everyone inside. Specifications include the following options:

1.7 liter diesel engine (exported). Power is 179 horsepower. The car for the Russian Federation is different — deliveries of vehicles with gasoline engines at 155 HP are expected;

six-speed transmission (automatic), which allows saving fuel up to 9% depending on the type of engine;
minimum turning circle reaches 10900 mm;

tire width — 215 mm;
maximum speed reaches about 200-210 km / h, depending on the selected configuration;
type of wheels — alloy.

The new KIA Optima 2021 body configuration and prices that will be available to customers may differ in technical terms due to regional legislative features. Also on the markets you can find versions that consume different types of fuel, so it is recommended to buy directly for driving on the roads of the Russian Federation directly — without importing from other countries.

It is recommended to use the AI-95 for maximum compatibility and a long ride without the need to visit the service station. In extreme cases, the use of AI-92 is allowed if it is not possible to fill the tank with the optimal type of fuel.

The reliability of the car of the indicated make and model is guaranteed not only by the results of the tests passed, but also by the awards in the field of industrial design, “Car of the Year” (for the middle class). International awards also confirm the high quality and safety of the vehicle in past years, so the new model will be expectedly the best according to the results of similar strength tests and examinations of each unit.

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