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Kia ProCeed 2020.

Kia ProCeed 2020.

Kia ProCeed 2020.

The new 2020 Kia ProCeed was first introduced at the end of 2018. The car is a sports station wagon, which quickly gained popularity among fans of the Korean brand, as it successfully combined stylish appearance and functionality and had very decent technical characteristics.

The updated Kia ProCeed has a good design, an improved interior and many interesting engineering solutions. In addition, the car is equipped with new power units. It is worth taking a closer look at this car.


The new body is embossed and has a rather aggressive appearance. The front of the car looks especially brutal. The car will most likely be of interest to buyers of all ages, as everyone will find something of their own in it.

Before the car, it became slightly higher than that of its predecessor. The new model has a wave-shaped bonnet that slopes to improve visibility and merges into a hexagonal grille, tightened with a diagonal mesh and flattened down the middle, just below the bonnet lip where the automaker’s logo is placed.

Flanking the grille are extended xenon-filled headlights with four bright LEDs each serving as daytime running lights. The headlights have a large approach to the front fenders.

Kia ProCeed 2020.

Under the 2020 Kia ProCeed grille, a large trapezoidal air intake is made in the front bumper, also filled with a mesh with a horizontal mesh orientation. On either side of it are triangular diffusers with black plastic frames. In addition to the function of blowing the front brakes, they can be used as a place for mounting round foglights.

Judging by the photo, the side of the car also has a wavy relief, in the area of ​​the thresholds turning into a sharp protrusion with a plastic lining and a chrome edging that runs along the perimeter of the entire car.

The side glazing with black roof pillars has a similar chrome finish. The side mirrors are large enough and equipped with turn signal repeaters. The wheel arches are large enough and have a circular outline. Branded wheel disks are originally executed and perfectly complement the stylish design of the car.

Restyling has led to the fact that the rear of the car also looks quite stylish and aggressive. A wide spoiler with an original brake light repeater is installed on the upper part of the sloping tailgate, which forms a single whole with the car roof. Below it is a voluminous rear window.

Below is the power element of the door and a narrow chrome strip, under which the triangular halves of the rear lights are placed on the sides. The other halves are located on the hind wings and have a large overhang.

In the lower part, along the edges of the rear bumper, there are vertically oriented triangular diffusers, which are adjoined by narrow strips of black protective linings.

Kia ProCeed 2020.

In fact, the entire rear part of the car consists of a bumper and a luggage door, directly under which is a trapezoidal niche with illumination for the license plate.

At the very bottom, under the bumper, there is a plastic protection with narrow strips of red LED fog lights. Chromed rectangular exhaust pipes extend along the edges of this guard, hinting at the sportiness of the car.


The car’s interior has changed a lot after the modernization. This makes the new ProCeed more comfortable and equipped with better equipment. The salon part is finished in fabric, metal, plastic and natural leather or leatherette.

All configurations are equipped with a high-quality multimedia system with a wide range of service functions.

The three-spoke multifunction steering wheel is equipped with additional buttons on the side spokes, through which you can control the auxiliary functions of the car.

For the convenience of the driver, the steering wheel can be adjusted in reach and height. The instrument panel under the large sun visor is clearly visible through its upper opening. On it, in separate tunnels, an analog tachometer and a speedometer are placed. Between them is the on-board computer screen.

The upper part of the center console is a wide multimedia screen with touch control. On the sides of it are climate control vents with chrome trim. A row of additional control keys is located under the display.

Below is the alarm button and other service keys. Even lower is the vehicle climate control unit. Next is a deep niche and a connector for charging gadgets.

Kia ProCeed 2020.

Below, through another niche, the main tunnel begins. It houses the gearshift lever, next to which are the transmission mode switching keys. Its location is edged with a chrome strip.

Closer to the driver is the handbrake, and to the front passenger there is a niche with cup holders, which is closed by a sliding curtain.

Between the front seats there is a rather high joint armrest, under which there is traditionally a spacious glove compartment that can function as a mini-refrigerator.

The front seats have good lateral support, heating and mechanical or electrical adjustment of positions. The rear seats are simpler.

Of the options in the basic configuration, there are only head restraints and a folding center armrest. However, for a fee, you can equip them with heating and additional climate control.

The luggage compartment volume is almost 600 liters. It can be increased significantly by folding the rear seats.

Kia ProCeed 2020.


The Korean car will be powered by three different engines. The first option, which comes as standard, is a 1-liter petrol engine that develops 120 hp.

Next comes the 1.4-liter power unit, also running on gasoline and developing 140 hp. power. The third engine is diesel. Its volume is 1.6 liters, and the power is 136 hp.

The main gearbox is a 6-speed manual transmission, but a 7-speed automatic transmission can be ordered for a fee. The test drive showed that all modifications are perfectly accelerated and have an acceptable consumption.

Options and prices

The price of the new ProSid starts at 1.65 million rubles. The price of the flagship modification is still unknown.
Sales start in Russia
It is not yet known when the Korean manufacturer will announce the start of sales in Russia.


Lada Vesta SW, Volvo V40 and Skoda Octavia Combi will be able to compete with this model.

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